Buy Fabric Fabric News Sweatshirts have become very fashionable in the spring of this year (hipsters wear skirts and pants like this to look fashionable and look younger)

Sweatshirts have become very fashionable in the spring of this year (hipsters wear skirts and pants like this to look fashionable and look younger)

I thought that the king of spring would be windbreakers and suits, but I didn’t expect that sweatshirts would be the biggest dark horse this spring. Whether it is a windbreaker or …

I thought that the king of spring would be windbreakers and suits, but I didn’t expect that sweatshirts would be the biggest dark horse this spring. Whether it is a windbreaker or a suit, the fashion value of a sweatshirt will be greatly reduced, not to mention that a sweatshirt is a magical item that can create a sense of fashion on its own.

No wonder those fashionistas are using sweatshirts to have a concave shape. In the spring of 2023, “sweatshirts” have become very fashionable. Fashionistas wear them like this, with skirts and pants, and they look fashionable. It’s time to lose age again, come and learn how to match sweatshirts!

1. This is how to choose and wear the spring sweatshirt to be fashionable and reduce your age

Don’t think that the styles of sweatshirts are similar and the effect of wearing them is similar. In fact, differences in the style, color and even hat design of sweatshirts will lead to completely different styles.

1. Choose a more versatile hooded sweatshirt

Sweatshirts designed with hoods and various spring coats can enrich the upper body layering. For the general public, when buying sweatshirts, you cannot ignore its practical value. Consider those sweatshirt styles that are worn on many occasions and have high utilization rates.

In addition, be sure to pay attention to the design of sweatshirts and hats, and stay away from those hats that look bulging. When paired with windbreakers and shoulder-padded suits, the upper body will look particularly well-dressed, and you will not have to run away. Those sweatshirts with simple styles and three-dimensional hoods make the inner wear more layered.

2. Decide how to wear the sweatshirt according to the pattern

Sweatshirts, like many spring inner wears, can tuck the hem into the bottoms, or they can hang down naturally. You need to choose according to the style of the sweatshirt. Decide.

Tuck the hem of a well-fitting sweatshirt to raise the waistline, optimize the proportions and make you look slimmer; if the sweater has a loose fit, you cannot tuck the hem, but use a draping or drape The inner buttoning method creates a lazy and casual dressing atmosphere.

2. Sweatshirt + skirt, sweatshirt + trousers

Hooded sweatshirt regardless of matching Skirts and trousers can help the public easily hit the streets. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the demonstrations of fashionable people!

1. A skirt above the knee is elegant

Although sweatshirts can be matched with pleated skirts, hip-covering skirts and other skirts, it is more recommended to choose over-the-knee skirts with sweatshirts to create an elegant, fashionable, casual and age-reducing look. The shape is durable and decent.

Not only those solid-color long skirts with light fabrics, but also skirts such as floral skirts, polka-dot skirts, and printed skirts can also be partners of sweaters, and the interpretation is endless. Effortless fashion sense.

2. Light-colored white pants for a casual feel

There are many trousers that can be matched with sweaters, but in the relaxing and comfortable spring, everyone will wear a sweater with white pants to create a more atmospheric feel. Choose white wide-leg pants or white straight pants, no matter what color the sweater is, it can enhance the lightness of the look.

In addition, it should be noted that when matching sweaters and long skirts, the shoes, hats and styling should be consistent.

3. Sweatshirts + various jackets, interpreting N kinds of fashion

Sweatshirts are not only worn alone Comfortable and age-reducing, it can be used as the inner layer of many spring tops to enhance the effectiveness of the item and create a fashion sparkle.

1. Wool coat + sweatshirt

In early spring, when the weather turns warm and cold, don’t rush to put away the long woolen coats. Black long coats or light-colored long coats paired with sweatshirts can add a casual atmosphere and make the style get rid of dullness. feel.

It should be noted that when matching a hoodie with a woolen coat, the bottoms, shoes, and hat should be consistent with the style of the sweatshirt to create a distinct casual style.

2. Pair it with leather jacket

The sports-style sweatshirts that focus on casual and age-reducing styles can also play a role in harmonizing styles. When paired with those cool and unruly spring jackets, the style is full of vitality and vitality, far away from monotony and rigidity.

Recommended leather�Choose the classic black model, which is timeless and the most handsome and stylish. You can get a sense of fashion by layering a black sweatshirt or a colorful sweatshirt.

3. Matching suits

As one of the magic weapons to hit the streets in spring, suits are simple, neat and practical. However, it should be noted that if you wear a suit with a sweatshirt, it is recommended to choose an H-shaped over-the-waist short suit or a micro-profile short suit. Suits and sweatshirts are shorter than suits, creating a layered change.

If you have wide hips and thick legs, wear wide-leg trousers of the same color, which hides the flesh and is high-end. If your legs are thin, wear small straight jeans to highlight the advantage of your leg shape. Chopstick legs are easy to wear. have.

4. Match with baseball uniforms

Army green baseball uniforms or jackets can also be layered with sweatshirts to create a fashionable atmosphere, but pay attention to the length of the sweatshirt. Regular style sweatshirts are practical and decent, but if you want to be more fashionable, it is recommended to buy a short sweatshirt.

It is simple and not easy to match with a waist-length blouse. Partial skin exposure can also visually show your waist.

From long skirts and trousers to coats, leather jackets, suits, short jackets, and even windbreakers and workwear-style shirts and jackets, these items have a sense of fashion. Let the sweatshirt make it happen, learn from the matching methods of fashionistas!

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