Buy Fabric Fabric News There is a popular way of wearing in the spring of 2023 (sweatshirt + below-the-knee skirt, comfortable, fashionable and decent)

There is a popular way of wearing in the spring of 2023 (sweatshirt + below-the-knee skirt, comfortable, fashionable and decent)

Although the development of fashion has provided the public with more stylish and good-looking combinations, and our acceptance of fashion is also constantly increasing, this has a…

Although the development of fashion has provided the public with more stylish and good-looking combinations, and our acceptance of fashion is also constantly increasing, this has also led to many people trying it out to keep up with the fashion. Some ideas that are difficult to control and are exaggerated and fancy turn out to be incompatible with the outside world.

In fact, for ordinary people, we need to be fashionable but also comfortable and generous, at least visually beautiful and elegant. Like the popular dressing method in the spring of 2023, “sweatshirt + below-the-knee skirt” is comfortable, stylish and decent. This is the fashion suitable for ordinary people, let’s take a look!

1. Sweatshirts are the protagonist of spring. Paired with these below-the-knee skirts, everyone will look stylish

For the public, if our pursuit of fashion does not conform to public aesthetics, we are actually putting the cart before the horse. On the one hand, the dress is too unique and many people can’t handle it, but on the other hand, it is not practical. However, the matching of sweatshirts and under-the-knee skirts is simple and everyday, everyone can do it, and it looks casual, especially the following styles of under-the-knee skirts and sweatshirts. The combination.

1. Denim cigarette skirt

The blue denim skirt is actually a classic item that makes a comeback every spring. It is fashionable and can help you shape your age. However, with the development of fashion, things like those with cumbersome designs or shapes Denim skirts that are too loose should be eliminated, they are too cumbersome and cumbersome.

The straight-cut cigarette denim skirt above is popular this spring. The lengths near the calf and ankle are particularly popular. , combined with graffiti sweatshirts and light pink sweatshirts, you can wear it with a full youthful atmosphere.

2. Floral skirt

The combination of a sweatshirt and an under-the-knee skirt is comfortable, simple, and not fussy. It is a style that can be worn by everyone at any age. If you master this formula in spring, you will not have to No more worrying about outfits for spring outings or other daily occasions.

Over-the-knee floral skirt is a very popular item in the fashion circle. It is extremely romantic and light. It can be combined with a solid-color sweater to create a look that combines traditional and simple styles, and is still elegant. Girly.

3. Little black dress

Floral skirts and sweatshirts express an elegant and romantic style, full of girlish flavor. Maybe some people prefer a simple and elegant casual fashion style, so I recommend you choose a black long skirt and sweatshirt. The black skirt is low-key and practical, and can hold sweatshirts of various colors.

In addition to matching sneakers when going out, young ladies can also choose black shoes to make the skirt and shoes match the same color and inadvertently extend the length of the legs.

4. Light-colored long skirt

It is very popular to wear light-colored clothing and shoes in spring. This is mainly because light colors such as off-white, beige, and apricot can create a soothing and elegant dressing atmosphere. , which is particularly good for improving your temperament. It is gentle, romantic, and has a sense of spring.

For petite girls, when you pair a light-colored long skirt with a sweatshirt of the same color or a neighboring color, it will look simple and slim.

2. Wear a sweatshirt + below-the-knee skirt in spring and see the fashion tips of fashionistas

It is recommended that Jimei people wear sweatshirts and skirts below the knee as much as possible, because the simpler the formula, the more personal style you can wear based on the details. Take a look at the demonstrations of fashionistas!

1. Show socks

Socks are really a good helper to add highlights to the look. Wearing yoga pants can be wrapped in socks to add layers. Wearing a sweatshirt with a below-the-knee skirt can be paired with socks to keep warm and fashionable.

From white socks, gray socks to colorful socks, everything can serve the sweatshirt + long skirt pairing, but the color of the socks should be determined according to the color matching of the entire look.

2. Hats, bags, and socks are in the same color

Sweatshirts + long skirts are comfortable and elegant, but there is also a problem, that is, the length of many sweatshirts covers the buttocks, and when paired with skirts, the center of gravity of the shape will be lowered.�, visually 50/50.

In response to this situation, many fashionistas also have their own matching tips, that is, using a long skirt with a cigarette pipe and a loose sweatshirt to create a layered change, and the other is to wear a uniform hat , bags, socks colors, three points and one line to enhance the sense of depth.

3. Lift the waistline

Sweatshirts and long skirts have various matching styles, but no matter how you wear them, ladies and gentlemen must pay attention to one issue, and that is the waistline position.

Tucking the hem is a way for many people to create a high waistline, but because sweatshirts are not thin, it is best to partially tuck the hem or add a white base to avoid waistlines. Bloated.

4. Color collision

Smooth colors can extend the line of sight and optimize the body shape, while contrasting colors can create highlights and make the look more fashionable. This is also worth learning from.

For example, when wearing a black sweatshirt, we can match it with a colorful long skirt, or create a color collision between accessories.

3. Conclusion

Sweatshirt is an evergreen tree in the spring wardrobe, most There are many people. If you want to be simple and beautiful when wearing a sweater, it is recommended that you wear a below-the-knee long skirt with a sweater.

This style of matching is very popular in spring. It is comfortable, casual and stylish, and anyone can easily pull it off. If you want to look younger and always get compliments when you go out, then learn from the above matching examples of sweatshirts and long skirts!

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