Buy Fabric Fabric News Hooded sweatshirt + jacket is a very popular way to wear (it’s trendy and can be easily worn by anyone)

Hooded sweatshirt + jacket is a very popular way to wear (it’s trendy and can be easily worn by anyone)

Speaking of hooded sweatshirts, they are not just popular recently. They have always been popular. This type of tops can be worn alone or as innerwear. Both have very good effects.…

Speaking of hooded sweatshirts, they are not just popular recently. They have always been popular. This type of tops can be worn alone or as innerwear. Both have very good effects. Moreover, it has various styles and not a single style. It combines a variety of age-reducing and cool styles, and is suitable for a wide range of age groups. This is why it has always been loved by fashion people.

Hooded sweatshirts will have a good upper body effect for both boys and girls, and they are slim and versatile. They are also warm in autumn and winter, and even in terms of design There are no excessive graphic modifications, and it does not affect the overall shape at all.

1. Match with a short jacket

1. Long inside and short outside Personality

Sweatshirts are completely different styles from traditional sweaters. Sweaters have a single style and look monotonous. The sweatshirt pays more attention to the visual sense in terms of style and color, so it will be more flavorful when worn, and the trendy and fashionable shape will be revealed at once.

The orange hooded sweatshirt is dark in color and has more bright spots in color, and it looks playful. As an external accessory, I chose a short black leather jacket. This matching of light and dark styles can better set off the skin tone and create a stronger sense of layering.

The hooded sweatshirt worn inside is longer than the jacket. It is slim and cool. The whole set is paired with a pair of black leather pants and the material of the jacket matches well. Add high boots and leather shoes to complete the look without sacrificing style.

2. Wearing with a sense of wrapping

When girls wear looser clothes, they often give people a sense of wrapping, making them look much smaller. The sweatshirt itself is one size larger than ordinary clothes, so pairing it with a loose-fitting jacket will wrap the whole thing up, making it casual and cute.

The blue sweatshirt is fresh and refined, giving people a very eye-catching feeling, but it does not look rustic. The color-blocked plush jacket is warm and comfortable. Comfortable, especially cold-resistant when worn in winter. Wear a blue sweatshirt with a one-size-larger jacket, and a pair of tight black trousers on the lower body to highlight the length of your legs. Add sneakers to give you a casual look.

3. Denim jacket gives a girly look

If you feel that it is too difficult to wear a sweatshirt to look girly, you might as well try to combine it with a denim jacket. The dark blue denim jacket is low-key and simple in style, and the style is not too modified, but it has a special temperament. Therefore, general denim-type clothing has always been popular among the public.

If the white sweatshirt is too simple, choose pattern embellishment to look more girlish. Layer a black T-shirt with a white pattern sweatshirt. , paired with a personalized denim jacket, and sports-style leggings for the trousers. From a style perspective, the styling design is progressive. Complete the entire outfit with a pair of dad shoes, which are suitable for both shopping and sports, showing off the girlish nature.

4. Commuting suits can also be fashionable

Different jobs actually have different requirements for clothing. Generally speaking, for working women, in addition to being simple and comfortable, aura and outfit are also very important. Commuting suits are both in terms of choice and style matching. Above all, dressing skills are extremely needed to make the whole look more fashionable and elegant.

The most attractive thing about this set is the fluorescent green sweatshirt. The sweatshirt used as an inner layer is relatively simple in style, without too many modifications. The outer striped suit is in a deep gray color. In fact, many people have a slight prejudice against such bright-colored tops, thinking that dark colors are needed for workplace-style outfits. However, in fact, such a combination of cool and cool tops is no longer suitable. Paired with a pair of shorts, it can give people a more domineering feeling.

When matching a set of clothes, the visual center of gravity It is particularly important. If you do not grasp the outstanding points of the entire outfit, it will easily make the whole look very messy.

Dark Orange Match an apricot-colored sweatshirt with an apricot-colored suit jacket. In fact, the color of the inner sweatshirt and the suit are quite similar, but the shades are different. This is one of the stylist’s tips. Pair it with a pair of tight short pants to highlight your autumn and winter personality. , another highlight of commuting wear.



The deep striped gray series of suits give people a very cold feeling. The white sweatshirt worn inside acts as an embellishment and can increase its highlights. Wear this kind of top with a pair of Loose straight wide-leg pants can not only highlight the aura of workplace commuting from the main body, but also show the cool styling from the style.

2. Eye-catching and aura

1. Korean style outfit

In recent years, Korean-style clothing has become more and more popular. The most important reason for this is that Korean-style clothes are more stylish. When girls choose to wear an outfit, they will first consider its effect of making you look taller and slimmer, and then comfort, and Korean-style clothing just meets these points.

The black sweatshirt worn inside is simple and monotonous, and the pants underneath are also from the black series, so there is no bright spot overall, so the stylist further The choice of matching is embellished with a Korean apricot coat, which can modify the height and leg shape. Even if it is not paired with high heels, a pair of high-top shoes can easily create a full street style.

2. Cute college style

Korean college style The outfit is stylish, with a short gray sweatshirt underneath, which looks slim and versatile, and the loose wide-leg pants worn underneath highlight the girlish temperament in both style and shape. The mid-length windbreaker worn outside is in apricot color. The whole outfit is paired with exquisite makeup, showing an elegant and dignified academic style.

3. Street European and American style

This one The key point of the design of the suit is style. The gray sweatshirt and pants worn inside are a set, which looks cool and layered. The plaid jacket worn outside is dark brown, which is very European and American style. style. The high-waisted trousers accentuate the waist and leg shape. The whole set is paired with high-top shoes and a dark background, highlighting the supermodel’s temperament.

So for all you ladies who like hooded sweatshirts, hurry up and get comfortable with these outfits~


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