Buy Fabric Fabric News 35-year-old Qi Wei’s fashion style (wearing a fluorescent green T-shirt is very trendy)

35-year-old Qi Wei’s fashion style (wearing a fluorescent green T-shirt is very trendy)

When it comes to Qi Wei, you may have the impression that she is more sunny and optimistic, and she is also a person with very fashionable taste. The 35-year-old Qi Wei still looks…

When it comes to Qi Wei, you may have the impression that she is more sunny and optimistic, and she is also a person with very fashionable taste. The 35-year-old Qi Wei still looks like a girl. It can be seen that we usually put in effort into maintenance. And Qi Wei is often photographed with short hair on weekdays, but when she is photographed with long hair, she is as beautiful as a fairy, with perfect appearance. And judging from her outfits, she has always been very fashionable and trendy.

When it comes to outfits, one cannot ignore Qi Wei’s private outfits. Her private outfit styles are ever-changing, and the effect of her outfits has always been special. It’s so eye-catching and so charming that people can’t help but look at it more. Qi Wei has always been at the forefront in various areas of dressing, and her cool and handsome looks have always been popular. She can be said to be very successful in showing off her feminine charm.

Recently, Qi Wei is wearing a fluorescent green T-shirt that is really trendy and definitely goes to the end of fashion. And this fluorescent green combination can be said to be full of personality. Everyone also knows that fluorescent colors do not show whiteness, but when Qi Wei wears it, it still reflects white light. She definitely has white skin and is willful! And the fluorescent green color looks particularly eye-catching.

Because this private outfit is not only a fluorescent green T-shirt, but also paired with a black peaked cap and shorts. Against the backdrop of the fluorescent green T-shirt, she looked even whiter. This was a truly enviable complexion. And the most eye-catching thing about this outfit is not only the T-shirt, but also her shorts, which are full of personality. The leg-wrapped design makes the legs slim, and tucking the clothes into the pants can also make the legs longer.

Whether it is in terms of accessories or overall styling, this outfit is very successful. And the design of the T-shirt is also very clever. It is not an overly simple style. The sleeves have a spliced ​​design, which not only looks more breathable and cool, but also adds a certain layering to the overall look.

The fluorescent green coat is indeed eye-catching and has a handsome personality. And she wears a simple black skirt underneath. A black V-neck skirt can highlight her perfect figure and reveal her thin and white legs. So fashionable and avant-garde, and the perfect mix of sports and leisure, she is worthy of Qi Wei, who has always been a leader in fashion.

I have to say that this jacket is very handsome, paired with Qi Wei’s favorite sunglasses and unique bag. Not only does it look very lively and playful, but it also feels very leisurely and comfortable. Paired with a pair of sneakers, it is full of sporty atmosphere. This kind of mix and match is really eye-opening, and people have to sigh that clothes can still be worn like this.

It seems that Qi Wei really wants to carry out the fluorescent green color to the end. This green base sweatshirt has weak fluorescence and makes the skin fairer. . Paired with the design of jeans, the look is quite regular, but very classic. The khaki windbreaker also adds a lot of layering to the overall look, making it look like a proper queen.

It can be said that Qi Wei’s personal clothes are really versatile, and she can perfectly control no matter what style. The design and fit of these jeans are impeccable. The straight fit makes the legs straighter. The tassel design on the hem adds a little design element to the overall average jeans. The black high-heeled leather shoes lengthen the legs. At the same time, the lines look more elegant.

The black hooded sweatshirt is a looser version, and this kind of larger sweatshirt has become particularly popular in recent years. Paired with leggings, the tight jeans make her legs look particularly slender. Paired with hiking shoes, it is full of personality, and it is worthy of Qi Wei, who has always been cool and handsome. The black outfit is so handsome. The peaked cap and sunglasses also add a lot of feeling to the overall look. The retro red lips also complement each other.

This outfit perfectly displays Qi Wei’s handsome style, and Qi Wei also has many more handsome outfits similar to this. A black outfit looks more mysterious and has a strong casual atmosphere. And after seeing so many of her private outfits, everyone must feel that she is a celebrity who is particularly good at dressing, and she has the illusion of being a style blogger. Qi Wei also has a special liking for sports shoes and seems to pursue comfort very much.

The black cartoon print sweatshirt looks particularly age-reducing, giving it the feeling of a cool schoolgirl on campus. It not only adds some playfulness to her image, but also adds a lot of vitality. The fluorescent yellow hat looks very energetic and makes her look fairer. Paired with sports-style wide-leg pants and white shoes, the overall look is youthful and fresh, and does not require many accessories, achieving a very simple and pure casual feel.

Qi Wei has always been well received by everyone for her outfits. It seems that this is indeed the case. Her private clothes are fashionable and unique. , absolutely at the forefront of fashion.

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