Buy Fabric Fabric News How to make a T-shirt stand out (learn how to match Japanese styles, it’s advanced and practical)

How to make a T-shirt stand out (learn how to match Japanese styles, it’s advanced and practical)

When walking on the street in summer, most women wear simple and basic T-shirts, which are also relatively common matching methods. Many sisters are basically complaining: Although…

When walking on the street in summer, most women wear simple and basic T-shirts, which are also relatively common matching methods. Many sisters are basically complaining: Although basic style T-shirts are very versatile, they always lack the features to wear them.

There are many ways to match T-shirts, in addition to regular combinations such as tucking corners, showing waist, etc. As for the way, I suggest you learn the Japanese style of matching, which is advanced and practical. You don’t need to spend too much time on changing it. You can still stand out wearing a basic T-shirt. Most Japanese styles are based on simplicity and comfort, and T-shirts are also worn in a variety of ways.

Method 1: Simple matching

In summer, you need to relieve the sense of urgency and irritability caused by the sultry weather, so wearing a T-shirt with a loose fit will make you more relaxed and comfortable, giving you a calm and calm feeling.

Most women will not choose tight-fitting T-shirts, which are not restrictive and very uncomfortable, and loose-fitting T-shirts It can show a casual and unrestrained feeling when matched.

In terms of color selection and layout, you can mainly use light colors to create an elegant and generous feeling. It is a simple matching method. Pay special attention to the matching shoes. Try to choose ones with open toes or exposed insteps. They can form a casual fashion sense with the T-shirt on the upper body. They look particularly cool and can Shows the coolness of summer.

Pairing demonstration 1. Dark green suit + sandals

Green has always been popular in summer, but for more mature people, it is not an exaggeration to choose dark green with gray tones. Shoes that highlight high-end matching in a low-key manner are a good choice. This Roman sandal combines the exposed area of ​​the instep with the color, giving it a more layered feel.

Pairing demonstration 2, T-shirt + skirt + sports sandals

In fact, this is a conventional matching method for T-shirts, which is mainly reflected in the sports style of shoes. In the Japanese style, many mature women wear very light-weight matching styles. Although it is young, it will not make people feel young or monotonous. Through the shaping of white, Yang Xue uses sports styles to create a relaxed and fashionable look.

Coloring knowledge points: Sometimes you can not consider the clothing design itself, but It is to choose the matching items to make the overall look more perfect. Pair them with shoes with simple colors and open toes, which are cool and comfortable. The colors are not too fancy, the fabrics are not too heavy, and the skin is exposed appropriately. The combination is perfect.

Method 2: Fashionable layering

In fact, in various Stacking is very popular in seasons. As a basic style, T-shirts can definitely be layered and matched, which will look more fashionable. However, many people think that summer is relatively hot. How to layer it? Is it more appropriate?

There are many ways to layer clothes in summer, such as wearing suspenders on the outside and matching a simple t-shirt on the inside. T-shirt creates a sense of hierarchy without lacking a sense of fashion.

You can also choose to layer a small area. In summer, I like Japanese-style matching, using small shawls. The form will not affect the temperature of the individual’s body and can also have a sense of hierarchy.

Or in the summer, most women pay great attention to sun protection. They wear short-sleeved clothes with their arms exposed. Whenever they go out, Sometimes, I will layer a sun protection shirt of the same color or a contrasting color. This style will be more fashionable and has a strong sense of neutrality. Of course, the color chosen is better and can be matched well.Unique femininity.

Coloring knowledge points: When layering, you must be careful not to be too heavy. In summer, you want to give people a light and elegant feeling. Whether you wear overalls or overalls skirts, you need to show a lightness. And on this basis, don’t choose colors that are too complicated, because The overall matching focus is on layering, rather than on too bright colors. The aura and style displayed in this way are consistent and will not make people feel very vulgar and dazzling.

Method three: detail embellishment

I believe that women who have experience in dressing know that in addition to mastering the basic matching methods, the most important thing is the detailed embellishment. If you want the style to become more refined and reflect the charm of a woman, then The embellishment of details is essential.

For example, the design of the clothes itself, with small pleats or waist styles, etc., the most important thing is to learn to use accessories Embellishment is the real difference between ordinary people and fashionistas.

The seemingly simple items in the Japanese matching style actually use a lot of detailed embellishments, such as belts on the waist or ears. Wearing jewelry on the neck, etc., the function of this kind of decoration is to refine it, which can improve the aura of the whole person and at the same time make the body proportions better.

For example: dark green short sleeves + tapered leg pants

In the Japanese style, the T-shirts chosen are relatively loose and appropriate. For example, this dark green lower body is paired with gray tapered leg pants, which can modify the figure. Very good, a pair of pointed-toe sandals show the elegance and grandeur of working women. They are not as stiff as jeans but more textured. Use belts, earrings and other accessories as embellishments in the overall look, which makes them look very young and grand.

Coloring knowledge points: Sisters who often study Japanese styles should know that Japanese styles are usually based on Simple and basic styles are used to create the overall look, and the accessories chosen are not too flashy. They all follow simplicity, elegance, and consistent style. Therefore, when learning Japanese style matching, the most important thing is to focus on simple styling and integrate it into the style. Don’t Isolate alone.

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