Buy Fabric Fabric News How to wear T-shirts better in summer (these matching ideas are very practical for you)

How to wear T-shirts better in summer (these matching ideas are very practical for you)

In the hot summer, our outfits will be mainly refreshing and natural. Simple T-shirts have become the choice of most women. Although There are many popular items in summer, but as …

In the hot summer, our outfits will be mainly refreshing and natural. Simple T-shirts have become the choice of most women. Although There are many popular items in summer, but as one of the basic items, the T-shirt will never be the tail end of fashion.

There are many ways to match T-shirts. Some people always think that T-shirts are too simple and the styles are too mediocre. , that’s because you don’t really understand T-shirts.

Wearing T-shirts in summer, there are many bottoms that can be matched with them. Trousers and skirts can perform different styles. style. How to wear T-shirts better in summer? These matching ideas are given to you, they are very practical!

Idea 1, T-shirt + jeans

Summer is mainly about simplicity and refreshing. The best match is a T-shirt and jeans. When these two items are combined together, it exudes a kind of youthful vitality. And extremely relaxing and comfortable. Jeans can also be divided into two categories, one is trousers and the other is shorts, and the effects of matching them are also different.

1. T-shirt + long jeans

When matching long jeans in summer, it is especially easy to feel stuffy, because many girls choose jeans that are a little too long and have tight cuffs. Encapsulation.

It is recommended that when girls choose long jeans in summer, they should choose nine-quarter pants or slits and holes. Mainly, part of the skin will be exposed, so the combination will be more fashionable and get rid of the stuffy feeling brought by denim trousers.

① T-shirt + denim ninth pants

A simple pure white t-shirt will be very cool when walking on the streets in summer. It will give people a sense of freshness and comfort visually. Paired with a high-waisted t-shirt The jeans are designed with holes, and the sandals have a sense of visual extension. Although there is no large area of ​​ankle exposure, the rolled edges also bring a sense of fashion, and the soft fabric shows texture.

②Striped T-shirt + denim ninth pants

This overall combination gives people the feeling of being boyishly handsome, but mixed with an elegant feminine touch. This kind of outfit is more suitable For daily matching, the stripes formed by the combination of green and white are more suitable for the summer atmosphere.

High-waisted jeans, nine-point fit, tapered leggings paired with sneakers, making the overall legs look longer. The color is very refreshing and high-end, which fits the summer atmosphere very well.

2. T-shirt + denim shorts

If you want to be more refreshing and comfortable in summer, how can you do without shorts? The combination of denim shorts and T-shirts is refreshing and clean. When matching, you can adjust the shorts appropriately according to your height.

Three-point shorts and five-point shorts are more popular this year. Three-point shorts are as energetic and youthful as super shorts, and they are very eye-catching. The legs are long, and the three-quarter pants are both neutral and sexy, with a masculine handsomeness and elegance.

For example: white T-shirt + denim shorts

Female celebrities generally maintain their figures very well. When it comes to daily matching, this simple matching is more in line with most people. A white T-shirt with printed elements paired with denim shorts, at the knees The above position is just right, it can cover some shortcomings, and at the same time it has a certain street feel. This combination has the effect of improving the waistline, and has a full summer atmosphere.

Idea 2, T-shirt + suit pants

Many people have the impression that suit pants cannot be worn with a sense of fashion and are more suitable for older women. In fact, in the minds of many fashion people, suit trousers will be more elegant, have a womanly aura, and are also in line with the thoughts and aesthetics of modern women. So how to match them more easily?

1. Solid color + color

The most common colors of suit pants are still based on basic colors and earth tones. However, in summer, appropriate color embellishments are needed to create a more summery atmosphere. Many women prefer light blue. Colorful suit pants, with a straight design and a high-waisted version, are more pure and age-reducing. The upper body is pure white. The overall matching style is very rich and has a natural sense of shape.

Coloring tips:

For this kind of suit trousers with a certain degree of saturation, the fabric texture selected must be good, and at least a sense of high-end must be seen from the appearance. Neutral or basic colors should be the main color when matching, so that it can be highlighted. It brings out the charm of color and makes the style richer.

2. Black and white combination

In fact, the most noble thing is the combination of black and white, and suit pants are a neutral and sexy style. Taste. When matching, you must pay attention to the rhythm of the style.

For example, this simple white T-shirt is paired with a black base with lace elements. Look It looks more feminine, but the matching gray suit straight pants make the overall look more neutral. If you can’t handle this mixed style well, try not to try it.

Coloring tips:

In summer, if you feel that simple T-shirts are too difficult to match, or have a mediocre feeling, you can make appropriate use of some tips, such as the above combination, combining a T-shirt with a long sunscreen Layering the base will give it a sense of layering and strong visual impact, which is very good for showing a sense of fashion in summer.

T-shirt matching summary:T-shirt is one of the most common items in summer. It is easy to match a mediocre feeling. In fact, the colors, designs and styles worn by most people are roughly the same, but it needs to be cleverly matched with details to make the whole person more outstanding. When T-shirts and When combining trousers, they need to coordinate with their fabrics and overall style!

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