Buy Fabric Fabric News Puyuan: Multiple measures are taken to help textile and garment enterprises resume work and production

Puyuan: Multiple measures are taken to help textile and garment enterprises resume work and production

Spring begins the year and all things take precedence. Although the spirit of the New Year is still strong, the sounds of struggle can be heard everywhere in Puyuan. All enterprise…

Spring begins the year and all things take precedence. Although the spirit of the New Year is still strong, the sounds of struggle can be heard everywhere in Puyuan. All enterprises in the town have resumed work and production one after another, and the park and workshops are busy. They are devoted to the work of the new year with a new look and full enthusiasm, using practical actions to resolutely implement the spirit of the city’s three cadres conferences, and strive to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter. .

In order to help enterprises strive for a “good start”, Puyuan Town has established a special service class to assist enterprises, go deep into enterprises to listen to problems, prescribe prescriptions, and promote key industrial enterprises to “restart work as soon as possible and seize production volume.”

“How many employees are on duty now?” “Is it difficult to recruit workers?” On the morning of February 10, Luo Guoliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Puyuan Town, and Zha Jianbin, deputy mayor, led the enterprise assistance services Special classes came to Berson Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Queping Textile Chemical Co., Ltd. and other companies to learn about the companies’ resumption of work and production and development plans for the new year, listen to the voices of the companies, help companies solve their problems, and strive to achieve “first quarter” A good start.”

Textiles and garments have always been Puyuan’s “protagonist” industry. As an important part of the textile and apparel industry chain, the printing and dyeing industry has been developing and growing in Puyuan since the end of the last century. However, after experiencing an extensive “growth period”, the printing and dyeing industry has also faced many environmental problems. In recent years, in order to get rid of the high pollution and high energy consumption, many printing and dyeing companies in Puyuan Town have begun to transform and upgrade, and Berson Textile is one of them.

Bosen Textile was founded in 2004. After years of development, it has built advanced assembly lines for hank dyeing, garment dyeing, piece cloth dyeing, finishing, and mercerization. Currently, it has nearly 400 employees. It is the largest printing and dyeing enterprise in Puyuan area.

This year, the company’s annual output of 15 million meters of high-end knitted garment fabrics will be expanded, a new rotary drying room will be put into use, and online sewage monitoring equipment will be introduced to further reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

“For our company, the biggest problem is the problem of talent.” Wang Dongxiao, general manager of Berson Textile Technology Co., Ltd., said, “As our equipment becomes increasingly intelligent, more and more Advanced, unlike the past where we mainly relied on traditional manual labor, so this year we may mainly consider how to introduce talents from universities into enterprises, such as network engineers who can build an intelligent and information-based platform. .”

Luo Guoliang and his party also came to Zhejiang Queping Textile Chemical Co., Ltd. to have in-depth exchanges with the company leaders, understand the company’s development history, and listen to the company’s development demands. Luo Guoliang said that enterprises should give full play to their main role and turn challenges into opportunities, and the government will continue to provide support and services to jointly expand high-quality development paths.

In the model display workshop of Feihu Technology Co., Ltd. in Puyuan Town, 200 first-line garment machines are “all started” and more than 30 core technical personnel “all returned to their positions.”

“How is the current order situation?” “Have you encountered any problems so far?” Standing in front of the first-line garment machine independently developed and produced by Feihu Technology, Deputy Mayor Zha Jianbin brought government assistance The voice of enterprises to “relieve difficulties and solve problems”.

“The biggest difficulty is recruitment.” Yuan Cong is the deputy general manager of Feihu Technology Co., Ltd. Faced with concerns and inquiries from the government, Yuan Cong revealed the “difficulties” the company is currently encountering.

Feihu Technology Co., Ltd. is a knitting equipment company guided by high-tech and integrating design, research and development, and manufacturing. In July 2020, it smelled the “de-artificialization” of the traditional sweater industry. In line with the trend, Feihu Technology began to transform and upgrade, from producing ordinary flat knitting machines to producing first-line garment machines.

After two years of repeated research and development and testing, Feihu Technology’s first-line garment machines will officially enter the most critical sales stage this year. “At present, the overall market situation is looking good, and there are already more than a dozen interested customers in contact with us.” Under the current background, Yuan Cong predicts that their products will successfully usher in the first “spring” of sales.

“Currently, we have more than 120 workers, 70% of whom have returned to their posts, and the remaining ones will resume work one after another in the next two days. In the new year, we must work hard and work hard!” Yuan Cong is full of confidence in the future.

Visiting enterprises, asking about their needs, and resolving difficulties for the development of enterprises in the new year have become the normal work of personnel in various departments of Puyuan. The Puyuan Town Government has established 22 special service classes to work with 119 people in the area. In terms of family regulations, companies are paired up to ask questions from the company. We have collected and sorted out more than 100 “urgent, difficult and anxious” problems of companies, assigned responsibilities to people in the form of a “problem list” and solved them one by one. This kind of optimized service and “group style” Office has also received praise from entrepreneurs, better helping enterprises to have a “good start” in the first quarter.

Spring comes early when people are diligent, and it is the right time to make progress. At present, as more and more employees return to work, more companies have begun to work to catch up on orders. They are concentrating on new chapters, rolling up their sleeves and working hard to take the initiative to produce in the new year. Fight to inject inexhaustible impetus into the high-quality economic development of Puyuan!


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