Buy Fabric Fabric News This autumn and winter is a popular way of mixing and matching (coat + sweatshirt, if you wear it well, you will see a foul)

This autumn and winter is a popular way of mixing and matching (coat + sweatshirt, if you wear it well, you will see a foul)

In addition to grasping the fashion code when dressing in autumn and winter, you also need to use some unique details and dressing methods. Sometimes the test of style may not be B…

In addition to grasping the fashion code when dressing in autumn and winter, you also need to use some unique details and dressing methods. Sometimes the test of style may not be Body shape, but your match.

This autumn and winter there is a popular way of mixing and matching: “coat + sweatshirt”, The matching pattern can increase the sense of style, reduce the monotony and simplicity of the outfit, and give warmth and luxury.

Coat + sweatshirt + jeans

The utilization rate of coats is getting higher and higher in autumn and winter. Such items are mainly designed in long styles. To shape your image, the dressing process will focus more on your ability to wear and organize items. Korean-style coats have always been a good choice for the season.

Long coats are perfect for large It is very easy to use for some girls. The longer design is less difficult even for girls with thicker legs. It can better display the sense of styling and deeply handle the relationship between single items. Combined with the style, the upper body atmosphere is very sufficient.

When the sweatshirt is used as an inner layer When it comes to style, remember to use some snacks. The choice of inner style is inseparable from two aspects, one is the reasonable width design, and the other is the smoothness of the lines.

When oversize style sweatshirts are used as inner wear, you must maintain the style connection between it and the jacket, so that the upper body can better grasp the layering of the shape, and it will not appear fat or bloated. For those who are slightly fat, It will be more friendly for girls.

There is also a coat version Style changes, when choosing a sweatshirt to match a coat, the style of the coat should also be relatively loose, but the lines should be sufficient. On the one hand, when enlarging the size of the coat, the overall slimming effect of the coat will be relatively weak.

So keep the sweatshirt in mind and control the width of the coat, so that the combination of the inside and outside can create a more efficient and stylish look. Pairing a hooded sweatshirt with a coat adds layering to the look, and at the same time optimizes the beauty and temperament, making it casual but not casual.

Jeans as bottoms are the choice of many people. This type of item is very practical, versatile and simple in style. The pure color design has been going through reincarnations, but its popularity has not decreased. , such a single product is more stylish and attractive.

And in the process of matching , if jeans are used as bottoms, it will be easier to quote classics. There is no difficulty in matching the color with a pure black top like this. With the development of fashion, jeans have become more and more diverse in terms of color and style when worn.

Coat + sweatshirt + wide-leg pants

In addition to hooded sweatshirts, hoodless styles are also very common among sweatshirt items, like this The addition of a reduced hat will make the overall look more refreshing and clean, and there will not be too much styling difficulty in matching it with a coat.

Simple hoodless sweatshirt Pair it with a long windbreaker, which is casual on the inside and elegant on the outside. In fact, the outfits are very colorful. As long as you have a styling direction, then the overall look is indispensable.

The common two-piece style in autumn and winter is the choice for most people to keep warm, but in fact, the three-piece style is also very popular.Yes, using some thin inner layers to create an image and atmosphere can make your layering more skillful and high-end.

Contrasting color sweatshirts and A coat may be boring when used as a top, so match it with a blue shirt or a bright-colored vest in the middle layer. The whole outfit will be very textured and not monotonous.

When choosing sweatshirts, you can start with versatile neutral colors such as white, black, and gray. Such items are very friendly to novices. Whether it is a bright coat or a dark coat, it is not difficult. It is easy to control and adds a lot of versatility when dressing.

Wide-leg pants are a must-have for all seasons. The loose-fitting design is the best choice to create a trendy feel. Such a single product can have the effect of slimming and slimming, and there will be more choices in the matching process. Create possibilities and match them elegantly and generously.

Coat + sweatshirt + skirt

Skirts are a very good choice for girls. This type of item can better present femininity. Skirts are indispensable in every girl’s wardrobe. Wearing skirts in autumn and winter is very stylish.

There are two directions for using skirts to match coats in autumn. One is to choose a dress as an inner layer, and the other is to choose a skirt and shorts as an inner layer. These two different styles of skirts have completely different effects. the same.

A simple skirt is used as bottoms, paired with a mid-length sweatshirt. It can be worn alone. It also has a very good effect in a layering mode like this. It maintains an elegant and feminine atmosphere in style, although it is not slim-fitting. The style is beautiful enough.

Compared with long skirts, short skirts are designed to be more fashionable and fashionable. Used with long coats, they can reveal long legs. Paired with scarves in autumn and winter, they are very stylish. The boots keep you warm without lacking in styling features.

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