Buy Fabric Fabric News Wear white T-shirts to new heights (silk scarves are the biggest bonus)

Wear white T-shirts to new heights (silk scarves are the biggest bonus)

The most photographed item in summer clothing is the T-shirt. The simple design is very easy to match, and the possibility of being cheated is very low. No strong dressing skills a…

The most photographed item in summer clothing is the T-shirt. The simple design is very easy to match, and the possibility of being cheated is very low. No strong dressing skills are required. You can also control this single item, but if you want to make the style more outstanding, you need to put more thought into the selection and matching, and try to highlight your personal style. You can learn from the outfits of celebrities, such as Liu Tao’s clothes are very good , in this look, the white T-shirt is worn to a new level, paired with narrow-leg pants to look slimmer and taller, and the silk scarf on the shoulders is the biggest bonus. Older women should learn from this.

The fashion sense of the basic white T-shirt is very average, but it is very tolerant of other style items and complements various combinations of fashion items. , can have a very good foil effect, make it easier to highlight the key points of the style, and has no requirements on body shape, age and temperament. Such easy-to-wear and versatile items are very popular among older women. Liu Tao’s style is based on The white T-shirt is mainly used, and the fit is just right, covering the flesh and looking slim without being too wide. The large round neck is simple and attractive, and the slightly folded neckline and sleeve design reflect the beauty of the details.

The design of the white T-shirt is not outstanding, and the tailoring is also very ordinary. If you don’t want the style to be too popular, it is recommended to choose bottoms that are fashionable and individual. , to create more highlights for the look, and can also make up for the shortcomings of a top that is too plain and boring. Liu Tao’s look is a good example. He chose narrow-leg pants as a match. The dark gray color is simple and high-end, and the vertical trouser legs are cut It makes the legs longer and straighter, and the spliced ​​printed skirt design makes the look more feminine. I have to say that this culottes piece is quite eye-catching.

People with good dressing skills know how to use accessories to perfect their looks and make the overall outfit more refined and fashionable. Although accessories are not necessities for dressing, they can play a very good embellishment effect when matched properly and “icing on the cake” for the look. For example, jewelry has a sense of nobility and luxury, which can easily enhance the look. Hats and scarves can break the monotony of the look. Bringing a rich visual experience, the biggest plus point in Liu Tao’s look is the silk scarf. Paired with a white T-shirt, it gives a high-end feel. The blue and white porcelain-like printing elements are so retro.

Although white T-shirts are easy to control, they are always too monotonous and plain for some fashionistas. In comparison, they are more willing to choose printed T-shirts. Rich printing designs diversify the style of single products, and the probability of matching with others is also much reduced. They are more recognizable than white T-shirts. Some older women may feel that printed items are too complicated. In fact, they choose the wrong style, like Liu Tao’s letter-printed white T-shirt is not fancy at all. On the contrary, it looks more western. It is casual and comfortable to wear with strappy pants. Tuck the hem into the waistband of the pants to make it more smart and neat.

The letter T is a simpler design among printed Ts. As long as the letters do not have more than three colors, it will not be cluttered. The safest way is Choose the style with black and white, it is classic and not easy to go out of style. You don’t have to be limited to trousers in terms of matching. You can change to a skirt to be more gentle and smart. The color selection can echo the top for a better effect and maintain unity. The print worn by Liu Tao T is a design with black letters on a white background. It is simple and elegant. It is elegant and fashionable when paired with a black skirt. The side button slit design exposes beautiful legs and is more sexy.

The look of a black T-shirt is too dull, but with its excellent slimming effect, it has become a highly utilized style in daily wear. In fact, It is not difficult to solve the dull feeling of black T-shirts. You can just layer them. Choose items with high brightness or strong design to match them to easily get rid of the dull feeling and make the look more fashionable and personalized. Liu Tao has tried it before With a similar combination, layering a sequined vest over a black T-shirt is fashionable and eye-catching. The bright sequin elements perfectly neutralize the darkness of black and shine out with dazzling light.

T-shirt + jeans is a combination that you can wear every time. It is basically a must-have look for everyone. Therefore, its popular feeling is very obvious, and you want to wear it to show your personal characteristics. It’s not easy. Many people prefer to use basic color T-shirts to match jeans in a decent and elegant way. But if you want to make the look more eye-catching, it is recommended to choose a bright-colored T-shirt. The brightness of the color can attract attention and also modify the skin tone. Liu Tao is wearing a red T-shirt and jeans, fresh and lively. The character print on the shirt is eye-catching, and the cut��First love with short hair” is good for reducing age.

Liu Tao wears a white T-shirt to a new level again, wearing narrow pants to look slimmer and taller, and a silk scarf It is the biggest plus point. Older women don’t have many choices in clothing, and T-shirts are just one of them. As long as they are chosen appropriately and matched properly, they can still be fashionable and show their youthful and energetic side. It seems that people are deliberately pretending to be young. Do you think Liu Tao’s T-shirt looks good?

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