Buy Fabric Fabric News Pairing a T-shirt with jeans is very low-key and simple (without any airs)

Pairing a T-shirt with jeans is very low-key and simple (without any airs)

Many celebrities dress up brightly when walking to the airport, striving to become the most dazzling presence in the crowd and increase their appearance rate as much as possible. H…

Many celebrities dress up brightly when walking to the airport, striving to become the most dazzling presence in the crowd and increase their appearance rate as much as possible. However, celebrities always have to avoid taking the usual path. , privately, she dresses very simply and unpretentiously, focusing on comfort and texture, and is not willing to pursue a sense of fashion. Although she is not refined enough, she is also more approachable. Jiang Qinqin is such an existence. Her private clothes are very down-to-earth. This time she wore Wearing a T-shirt and jeans at the airport is very low-key and simple, without any airs, but still has outstanding temperament.

Middle-aged women rarely maintain a slender figure. A style that is too slim does not meet their dressing needs and will only expose them. People with fatter bodies tend to be fatter, so their wardrobes are mostly loose-fitting items, and the designs are simple and neat, basically basic styles. Jiang Qinqin’s figure is on the thin side, but she is particular about dressing. Loose and comfortable, the white T-shirt in this look is rather wide. Although it covers her good figure, it makes the look more lazy and casual, making it feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Jeans are a classic style of trousers. They come in thick or thin fabrics and can be used all year round. They are a great choice for middle-aged women. The age effect is very good, and the available styles of jeans are very rich, such as straight-leg styles and wide-leg styles, which have a good effect on modifying the leg shape. No matter how thick the legs are, they can be perfectly hidden. Choosing dark styles will have a more significant slimming effect. Jiang Qinqin wore black straight-leg jeans when walking to the airport this time. The nine-point length that exposed her ankles made her look slimmer and taller. The pairing with sneakers was full of vitality. The classic black + white color scheme was simple and elegant.

The combination of T-shirt + jeans has long been familiar. The designs of the same basic models are matched with each other to create a look that is not easy to go out of style, and the chance of making mistakes is very low, even if The fashion sense is very average and will not be underestimated. If you want to have a more recognizable style, you have to put more thought into the matching and wearing methods. Such simple and neat dressing is very popular among middle-aged women. It is casual, comfortable and comfortable. Jiang Qinqin puts T The corner of the T-shirt tucked into the waistband is very free and casual. It just highlights the waistline that is blurred because the T-shirt is too wide, and the dividing line between the upper and lower body proportions is also clearer.

Different versions of T-shirts have different styles. Loose T-shirts are easy to wear and not fussy, while slim T-shirts are suitable for For women with a slender figure, showing off their body curves makes the look more sexy and eye-catching. The mature and sexy style is a bit picky about body conditions. It is not recommended for fat celebrities to try. Jiang Qinqin, who is running for four years, is still very self-disciplined in body management. Wearing The slim-fitting T-shirt has no pressure, and the good figure adds a lot of points to the look. The red spliced ​​collar and cuffs serve as embellishments and are not too single.

Affected by the temperature in summer, dark T-shirts that easily absorb heat are not very popular. The dull color makes people feel extremely stuffy and the style is not enough. Youthful and lively, but it is undeniable that the dark T-shirt has an excellent slimming effect. It is suitable for middle-aged women with fat figures. The V-neck style is cooler than the round neck style. It is delicate and sexy and makes the face smaller. Appropriate exposure of the skin just weakens the deep skin. In order to overcome the dullness of dark T-shirts, Jiang Qinqin’s T-shirt is also embellished with letter prints to further get rid of the dullness of dark T-shirts and add a bit of foreign style to the look.

The design styles of T-shirts are ever-changing. Although styles with strong design sense are highly recognizable, they also increase the difficulty of control. If the fashion expression is not enough, it will be difficult to hold on. The shape can also make people feel very exaggerated and artificial, with an awkward concave shape. On the contrary, when worn, it is fashionable and eye-catching, and it is easier to stand out from the crowd and become the focus. For example, the design of this T-shirt on Jiang Qinqin is very unique. The sleeves made of gauze fabric are very cool and breathable. The character prints on the body are stylish and stylish, and the black and white contrasting design is very eye-catching.

Although T-shirts come in many styles and are easy to match, the style they wear is too casual and is a bit abrupt and unconventional when used in formal occasions. It’s very rude. If you want to be more elegant, I suggest you use a shirt instead of a T-shirt. Although these two items are both basic items, they show completely opposite styles. One is simple and casual, and the other is elegant and intellectual. If you want to show a good temperament The first choice is a shirt, which should be as loose as possible so that it will not be too restrictive. Jiang Qinqin wears a light-colored shirt with denim wide-leg pants, which is simple, neat and fashionable.

44-year-old Jiang Qinqin’s personal clothes are really down-to-earth. The T-shirt and jeans are very low-key and simple, without any airs. Middle-aged women don’t need to be fancy or complicated in their clothing. If simple basic items are matched well, they can still wear fashionable and high-end looks, and their personal temperament will be more outstanding. For example, Jiang Qinqin’s private clothes are mostly based on basic items. Simple but not simple, it is worth learning from. What do you think of Jiang Qinqin’s clothes?

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