Buy Fabric Fabric News How to wear sweatshirts in autumn and winter to be fashionable (master these 3 matching methods to be casual and look good)

How to wear sweatshirts in autumn and winter to be fashionable (master these 3 matching methods to be casual and look good)

When it comes to indispensable items in the autumn wardrobe, there must be a place for sweatshirts: they can be worn alone in early autumn. It can be used as a layering item in lat…

When it comes to indispensable items in the autumn wardrobe, there must be a place for sweatshirts: they can be worn alone in early autumn. It can be used as a layering item in late autumn or even winter.

Because sweatshirts are classic enough, they can be easily worn in any style, and they can be thin or thick to suit different seasons. meet demand. Therefore, sweatshirts can be seen in Japanese and Korean magazines or European and American street photos. They are casual but not too casual. They are an indispensable item for daily outings.

How to wear sweatshirts in autumn and winter to be fashionable? Master these 3 matching methods to be casual and beautiful!

Sweatshirt styles present different styles

Different sweatshirt styles present different effects. The choice of sweatshirt must match your personal style and taste to achieve the effect of 1+1>2. The casual and slim style is easy to make mistakes in daily life; the loose street style is more trendy and shows your personal sense of fashion.

Korean sweatshirt

Korean sweatshirts are relatively more playful and cute, appearing soft and well-behaved. They are more suitable for little girls with gentle personalities and are consistent with their own style. Japanese and Korean style sweatshirts are larger in size, making them look petite and cute, more suitable for girls with thin frames, and can easily give off a delicate feeling. According to different heights, Japanese and Korean sweatshirts have different choices, which are more fashionable.

Girls who are 160+cm are tall enough and can choose mid-length styles, showing a missing lower body How to wear. Girls under 160cm can choose high-waisted short styles, which will create a 37-point effect, create exquisite proportions, and avoid the feeling of procrastination.

The colors of the clothes are rich and sweet.However, late autumn is not suitable for wearing bright colors. You can wear colors with saturation High-end sweatshirts in colors such as ginger and mustard greenhave a full sense of luxury.

American retro sweatshirt

American retro sweatshirts generally have a casual feel. They feel low-key and unobtrusive when worn. They look low-key but have a sense of quality. The slim fit is slightly loose and can show off your figure. It can be easily controlled, has an obvious slimming effect, and shows better body proportions. It is generally a straight-leg version, which can be easily worn by all body types. The length reaches around the hip, which is versatile enough to match with skirts or trousers.

American retro style is generally solid colors. If you think it is too monotonous, letter embellishments are more everyday, avoid It’s too dull, but it looks a bit energetic and shows off its charm.

Single wear and stacked wear

Sweatshirt as The classic style can be worn in early autumn or late autumn. Wearing sweatshirts in different seasons is different and exquisite. Generally speaking, sweatshirts can be worn alone or layered, and different ways of wearing them have different requirements.

Wear a sweatshirt alone

When wearing a sweatshirt alone, the temperature is generally hot, so you can choose a lighter sweatshirt to avoid the bulkiness. When wearing a sweatshirt alone, it is recommended to choose a sweatshirt with more design sense for a more fashionable effect. For example, high-waist styles or pattern styles, have an eye-catching effect.

The sweatshirt can be worn alone with leggings and casual pants, it has the feeling of an energetic girl, It can also be worn with straight jeans,which is more casual and everyday. It also looks good with a floral dress. Pay attention to the consistency between the color of the skirt and the color of the sweater,which gives it a ladylike feel.

Stacking has a sense of hierarchy

Simple style sweatshirt paired with a windbreaker or coat, it can also have a sense of high-end and show the feeling of an intellectual woman. It is recommended to choose windbreakers and coats with a silhouette, to show casual sexiness and casual beauty. You can choose a hooded style for your coat or windbreaker, which balances formality and looks casual yet classy.

Wearing a coat, windbreaker and sweatshirt shows the effect of reducing age. It can be paired with a pair of leggings to show off your body curves.The overall appearance is casual and sexy, and the overall body is more energetic. It can also be paired with a skirt. If you have better curves, choose a hip-covering skirt. If you are pear-shaped or For H-shaped body shapes, A-line skirts are a good choice.

More complete matching of shoes and bags

Although it is a sweater outfit sharing, if you want to have the overall outfit online, the matching of shoes and bags cannot be left out. The matching of shoes and bags should match the overall wearing style of the sweatshirt. It can be a little exaggerated but not too out of the ordinary.

Can be casual or feminine

The choice of shoes should match the overall style.If it is a sweater with a skirt or straight pants, a mature or handsome feminine style, you can pair it with a pair of small high heels and square toe short legs. High heels match the overall style,leather boots have more personality, and high heels give a feminine look.

If you wear a sweatshirt with leggings or casual pants, the overall look will be full of vitality, so choose dad shoes. The whole outfit is filled with vitality. The color of the shoes should match the overall color. If the overall outfit is earth tones, brown is a good choice. If the overall outfit is based on basic colors, black, white and gray are indispensable.

Shoe color selection

Bag matching can also be divided into two categories: casual and stylish. When wearing a casual sweater, you can choose a larger tote bag or bucket bag, which will be more energetic. If your dressing style is intellectual and grand, Xiaoxiangfeng and Camellia series are good choices,which can fully demonstrate your femininity.

Wearing a sweatshirt is not only casual and energetic, it can also show a woman’s intelligence and charm. Classic style clothes should be indispensable, they can not only be worn alone but also layered to show different styles. Have you got today’s sweatshirt outfit?

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