Buy Fabric Fabric News This summer is a popular outfit called big T-shirt + cycling pants (cool, fashionable and makes your legs look longer)

This summer is a popular outfit called big T-shirt + cycling pants (cool, fashionable and makes your legs look longer)

What are the must-have items in your wardrobe this summer? I believe that the wardrobe of many fashionable ladies must be inseparable from the look of “big T-shirt + cycling …

What are the must-have items in your wardrobe this summer? I believe that the wardrobe of many fashionable ladies must be inseparable from the look of “big T-shirt + cycling pants”. This casual and casual style can minimize the summer heat and “loose combination” dressing Dressing up can also help you avoid body problems. It is not only cool and fashionable, but also makes your legs look longer. Get it now!

T-shirts and cycling pants are relatively versatile and attractive clothing, especially loose and large T-shirts , there is not much difficulty in dressing, and it also shows great figure advantages when paired with cycling pants. Regarding cycling pants, they were originally pants worn by athletes when riding bicycles. Because of the special fabric, compared with ordinary pants, they are more breathable and comfortable in summer. They are worth trying.

1. The selection idea of ​​”big T-shirt + cycling pants”

T-shirt – hip-covering length, loose fit

As for the style selection of T-shirts, as long as you don’t choose a design that is too personal, you can create a high-end and elegant effect. Since it is a big T-shirt, the clothing style must be “big”. First of all, when choosing the length, you must use the length that covers the buttocks. For women whose waist-to-hip ratio is not perfect, with sagging hips and low waistlines, it can reach a certain level. The improvement effect; Secondly, the layout should be loose and moderate. An overly loose design will only look sloppy.

Cycling pants – above knee length, shaping design

As for the selection of cycling pants, it is actually quite limited, because in addition to the fabric, cycling pants have In addition to the difference, the length is divided into short and long styles. When choosing the length of cycling pants, in order to match the summer atmosphere, it is recommended to focus on knee length, and pair them with a large T-shirt to make them more fashionable and refreshing. The style of cycling pants should not be too loose and should just contrast with the top. They should have a better shaping effect and are cut close to the skin, making them appear slimmer and taller.

2. The matching formula of “big T-shirt + cycling pants”

Pairing formula 1: white letter printed T-shirt + black cycling pants

In fact, if you want to make the “big T-shirt + cycling pants” outfit formula look high-end and fashionable, you must learn how to choose style items. A basic and simple white letter printed T-shirt, paired with black cycling pants, highlights the eye-catching effect of the top. Although it is not outstanding enough, it weakens the monotony. The loose white T-shirt and thin black summer cycling pants already have an advantage in color, so you don’t need to deliberately tuck your waist in.

Pairing formula 2: white hip-covering T-shirt + black denim cycling pants

For white butt-covering T-shirts, the fabric and details must not be ignored. The choice of fabric must be breathable. For comfort, try to use pure cottons. As for the fabrics of cycling pants, in addition to the most basic elastic texture, you can also use denim fabrics with a full sense of shape. The matching effect will be more fashionable and casual, and have a better tacit understanding with the basic short-sleeved style.

3. Sharing of dressing skills of “big T-shirt + cycling pants”

Tip 1: Deep up and down

No matter what the matching formula is, the importance of color cannot be ignored, especially the basic “big T-shirt + cycling pants”, and we must pay more attention to the color relationship. Adopting the color matching technique of “light on top and dark on the bottom” can effectively avoid monotonous days.The easiest and easiest to control is the classic black and white combination, followed by light-colored tops and dark cycling pants.

Tip 2: Echo each other

Echoing each otherMatching techniques are often reflected in single items and accessories, such as hats and pants, shoes and tops. Such matching effects will be better, and there will be no overturning or dissonance. When using matching techniques that echo each other,in addition to echoing colors, you can also use the same fabrics and elements, such as canvas materials, printed elements, etc.

Tip 3: Match colors

T-shirts and belly-controlling cycling pants all use the same color, which is also a very versatile and eye-catching matching technique. However, at this time, it is necessary to Special emphasis is placed on the distribution of highlights, such as the embellishment of printed patterns and the personalized wearing method of tops, which can effectively reduce the risk of dressing. Compared with matching simple and boring items all over the body, learning to create highlights can make you look more stunning.

Fashion summary:

1. Summer clothing items do not need to be too cumbersome and complicated. Just using 1 or 2 basic and versatile clothing can easily create a high-end and fashionable effect, and it will look more refreshing.

2. The combination of a large T-shirt and cycling pants can beautify the body line very well, but it is not suitable for those with strong figures. type, it is recommended to avoid this dressing formula.

Okay, friends! The fashion content of this issue is shared here with you. See you in the next issue~

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