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4 cool ways to wear T-shirts in summer (it’s rustic and makes you look older)

T-shirts can be said to be a must-have item in summer. They are comfortable, breathable, fashionable, and versatile. Almost everyone has one. Although T-shirts may seem ordinary, t…

T-shirts can be said to be a must-have item in summer. They are comfortable, breathable, fashionable, and versatile. Almost everyone has one. Although T-shirts may seem ordinary, they can be stylish. Available in a variety of styles, its charm cannot be underestimated.


Summer clothing has a wide range of styles to choose from, but after wearing it over and over, you will eventually feel that T-shirts are the best to wear, not only in summer, but in any season. T-shirts can be put to use, and there are not many restrictions on the occasion. They are very practical.

In this issue, let’s talk about how to wear T-shirts to help you control T-shirts more easily and create a more fashionable and stylish look. Just remember the “4 dos and 4 don’ts” “The rule can effectively avoid stepping on thunder.

Rule 1: Be simple, don’t exaggerate

For most young girls, they always want to pursue trends and fashion, and dress themselves up to be more individual and trendy. Therefore, it is very easy to fall into a misunderstanding, that is, the more exaggerated and fancy T-shirts are, the more fashionable they are. In fact, this is not the case. Too complicated styles can easily appear ostentatious and even have a sense of rusticity, which can easily weaken one’s own temperament and charm.

For example, it can be seen from this comparison that the T-shirt pattern on the left accounts for a very large proportion. Although it can bring a strong visual impact, it inevitably looks a bit gaudy and even cumbersome. ; The T-shirt on the right only has a small area of ​​printed pattern, and the large area of ​​white space makes it more simple and attractive.

Of course, this does not mean that simplicity = simplicity. If you wear a solid color T-shirt every day and are worried about it being monotonous, you can add some accessories to embellish it, such as silk scarves and necklaces. , bags, etc., all add layering to the style, thereby enriching the beauty and improving fashion.

Rule 2: Be fit, not tight/loose

In summer wear, most people are pursuing a comfortable and relaxed style experience, so the T-shirt version The shape should be based on fit as much as possible, and avoid styles that are too loose or tight. If the T-shirt is too tight, it will not only increase the difficulty of control, but also put forward higher requirements on the figure. It will be easy to have a little fat. exposed, looking fat and cheap.

If the T-shirt is too loose, although the comfort is there, it will also easily blur the waistline and proportions of the figure. Because the fit is too loose, it will increase the sense of expansion of the upper body and make it look slimmer. It looks a lot fatter and it is difficult to wear it with any sense of beauty.

When choosing a T-shirt, you must not only consider the version, but also pay attention to the design details, such as shoulder lines. Common T-shirts include straight shoulder width and dropped shoulder styles. T-shirts with straight shoulder width It will look neater and more stylish, making the whole person appear more energetic, while the off-shoulder T-shirt will be looser, and the temperament will be weakened a lot, which is not conducive to modifying the figure.

Rule 3: Be elegant, not boring

When choosing a T-shirt, in addition to the style and pattern, the color is the most noteworthy thing. Because of the The colors are also very rich, and different colors can create different styles and looks, so you need to choose the right color that suits you to avoid making mistakes.

Many people may always choose dark colors such as black and gray to avoid mistakes. Although the effect is good, in this bright summer, dull colors will look a bit out of place. , is not conducive to highlighting personal temperament and charm.

Instead, you should choose some elegant colors, such as light blue, light green, light pink, etc. These fresh colors are visually softer and more durable, and are also very friendly to yellow and black skin. It can easily play the role of whitening and showing temperament, and has a full effect of reducing age.

Rule 4: The matching should be reasonable and not cluttered

After choosing a T-shirt, the next step is to match it. Although T-shirts are versatile It’s a single item, but if you don’t use the right skills and methods, it’s easy to “fall over”. Whether the T-shirt is paired with a skirt or trousers, it is recommended to tuck the overly long corners into the waist to avoid looking cumbersome. “Tucking in the corners” can expose the waistline and make the look more neat and crisp, even for small people. It is extremely friendly and plays a better role in making you look taller and slimmer.

Or you can choose some styles with small details, such as strappy corners, which can visually raise the position of the waistline and make the proportions of the figure appear taller.

Okay, I’m sharing the “4 dos and 4 don’ts” rules about T-shirts here. I hope these methods and techniques can be helpful to everyone’s daily wear.

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Author: clsrich