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Remember 4 things to avoid when wearing a T-shirt (otherwise you will look fat and lose your temperament)

T-shirts can be described as an “evergreen tree” in the fashion circle. They are not affected by any trend. No matter when, T-shirts can always occupy a place and becom…

T-shirts can be described as an “evergreen tree” in the fashion circle. They are not affected by any trend. No matter when, T-shirts can always occupy a place and become a must-have item for everyone. Especially in the summer, T-shirts are very popular. Summer is incomplete without wearing T-shirts.

Although T-shirts are very practical and versatile basic items, don’t underestimate them. Even ordinary T-shirts have their own unique charm. As long as you master certain methods and techniques, Only in this way can this advantage be shown to the greatest extent. However, if you wear it casually, it will easily make you look fat, short, or even have no temperament.


No matter what body shape girls have, when wearing T-shirts in summer, remember these “4 don’ts”, which can help us better modify our figures, enhance the texture of our styles and wear them. Match your taste to avoid stepping on the wrong side of the road.

One of the “4 Don’ts” – don’t have an ill-fitting pattern

Correct choice: choose a pattern according to your figure

1. Choose a slim figure Slim fit

For girls with slim figures, this is their natural advantage, especially in the summer when they are fighting for their figure. Showing this advantage can greatly gain more If you want to turn heads and highlight your personal charm and temperament, you can choose a slim-fitting T-shirt, which can easily outline the curves of your body and make it very charming.

2. Choose regular styles for those who are slightly fat.

For girls who are slightly fat, when choosing a T-shirt style, do not pursue ones that are too loose or too tight. It is not too friendly to you, but it is more suitable to choose the regular style. The regular style is very tolerant to the body shape, can easily cover the flesh and make you look slimmer, has a moderate degree of tightness, is comfortable and casual.

No. 2 of “4 Don’ts” – Don’t be too complicated

Minefield: colorful/complex prints

In summer outfits, Although it is recommended that you choose colorful T-shirts, you should not blindly add colors. Eventually, the clothes will have many colors, which will appear very confusing and gaudy. This will easily cause aesthetic fatigue and increase the visual burden. At the same time, the requirements for skin color are too high, and it is easy to image the beauty of the outfit.

Try not to choose styles with too complicated prints, especially printed T-shirts with large proportions and exaggerated patterns. They will look particularly abrupt when worn on the body. Large-area prints can easily increase the burden on the body. It will make fat girls look even fatter when wearing it, and it will be difficult for even slim people to look beautiful when wearing it.

Correct choice: basic solid color/simple printing

Basic T-shirts in solid colors are the most recommended for everyone to choose, because this style is simple, clean and highly practical. There are many possibilities for matching styles. Whether it is paired with skirts or pants, it will not look out of place. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes with a solid-color T-shirt. If you are a girl with yellow and black skin, it is recommended to choose a light color with low saturation. , the difficulty of driving will be lower.

If you like printed T-shirts, you can choose a small area of ​​printing and embellished it appropriately to ensure a large area of ​​white space, so that the T-shirt will look simple and fashionable without losing its highlights. Compared with styles with complex prints, they are easier to wear and look beautiful, and are very suitable for daily casual wear.

The third of “4 Don’ts” – Don’t look too fat

Minefield: Choose a high round neck T-shirt

For shoulder width, For girls with short necks, the most taboo thing is to choose an old, round-neck T-shirt, which will directly make you look “neckless”. At the same time, the width of the shoulders will also be significantly increased, and the upper body will look particularly strong and proper. Tough girl. Moreover, this kind of T-shirt with strong wrapping properties is not suitable for wearing in hot summer, as it is too stuffy and restrictive.

Correct choice: V-neck T-shirt

V-neck T-shirt is more practical than round neck. It appropriately increases the exposed skin area of ​​the neck. It can not only be worn It provides a strong sense of refreshing comfort, and at the same time, it can further extend the line of the neck, creating a “swan neck” feeling. It can also weaken the thick feeling of the shoulders, making the upper body look lighter and slender.

The fourth of “4 Don’ts” – Don’t be too exposed

Wrong outfit: The neckline is too low

Although it is said that exposing the skin can show off the figure has the advantage of getting a good refreshing feeling, but if the exposed area is too large, or the neckline is too low, this feeling will change instantly, and the fashionable temperament will turn into a tacky and cheap feeling, especially for girls with plump figures. Wearing clothes that are too revealing will make you lose value.

Correct way: choose details to reveal skin

① Sloping shoulder style with off-shoulder neckline

To show off the charm of your figure, expose your skin appropriately It is more preferable to choose some T-shirts with a sense of design to show the advantages of different parts. For example, a slanted shoulder T-shirt can naturally expose the charming shoulders, allowing the shoulder and neck lines to be perfectly displayed. Full of femininity.

② Navel-baring models show off the waistline

Short tops are also a very popular style in summer. This kind of clothing has two major advantages. One is that it can reveal a slender waist and show off It is thin and cool. Secondly, it can raise the waistline and make the lower body proportions more slender. It can naturally create a body proportion of 30 to 70 points, which is very friendly to small people.

Okay, I’ll share here the “4 Don’ts” principles for wearing T-shirts. T-shirts may seem simple, but in fact there are many ways to wear them.Once you learn the styles and techniques, you can better express your charm and temperament.

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