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What kind of fabrics are used in T-shirts (a few details will tell you the big difference)

As the temperature gradually rises, many cities in the south have entered summer. During this season, everyone has to wear short-sleeved T-shirts to go out. T-shirts are one of the…

As the temperature gradually rises, many cities in the south have entered summer. During this season, everyone has to wear short-sleeved T-shirts to go out.

T-shirts are one of the most frequently used items throughout the year. They are comfortable and versatile and are an indispensable fashion item, but sometimes I discovered that even though it is the same T-shirt, why do some people look cheap when wearing it, while others look elegant and good-looking when wearing it?

In fact, when choosing T-shirts, you will find that their prices range from 9 yuan to 99, or even hundreds. Why is there such a big gap in the price of an ordinary T-shirt? In fact, as long as you study carefully, you will find that the difference between a 9 yuan 9 T-shirt and a 99 yuan T-shirt is quite big.

So in this issue, we will share how to choose T-shirts and what details to start with to choose a style that has good texture, fits well and is durable.

1. Fabric

1. Cotton content

The most obvious difference between cheap T-shirts and expensive T-shirts is the fabric. You can tell it by touching it, but because many people buy it online, they cannot touch it with their own hands. So what should I do?

In fact, you can also judge from some details in the picture. The first thing is to look at the parameters. The cotton content is above 75%. It can be called pure cotton. The higher the cotton content, the better the comfort and softness will be. The one with 100% cotton content is pure cotton. Which one you choose depends on your personal preference. The basic cotton content of more than 95% can satisfy most people. meet the needs, and the moisture absorption and breathability are very good.

2. Types of cotton

In addition to cotton content, there are many types of cotton, in terms of quality Long-staple cotton is better than fine-staple cotton. Long-staple cotton has many advantages: warmer, softer, smoother, colorfast, more breathable and durable, etc. Therefore, long-staple cotton T-shirts are recommended.

3. Look at the weight and count

Cotton The weight also determines its breathability and stiffness. In spring and summer, it is recommended to choose 180-220g, and in autumn and winter, choose 220-280g.

The count of cotton determines the fineness of the fabric. The higher the count, the finer it is. Clothes with thinner fabrics are also It is softer and has better skin-friendliness on the upper body, while the lower the thread count, the stiffer it is and the thicker the fabric will be.

4. Look at the craftsmanship

A large part of the craftsmanship also determines the quality of the T-shirt. From the production process, Common ones can be divided into

  • Plain weave technology: the surface of the clothes is flat and smooth, the hand feels delicate, and the fabric is stiffer Hard and stylish.
  • Washing process: Clothes are not easy to shrink and deform, and are usually used for distressing to make the clothes look retro.
  • Sanding process: Sanding process is carried out on the basis of plain weave process, so that there is a layer of fine fluff on the surface of the clothes, and the fabric will be relatively thinner.

2. Pattern details

1. Feel

Whether the T-shirt feels smooth or rough is also determined by the type of fabric. Common ones include carded cotton, long-staple cotton, mercerized cotton, and cotton + silk. Different cotton materials have different feels.

2. Look at the pattern


Necklines can be divided into: round neck, large round neck, V-neck, and square neck. Girls with thick and short necks, broad shoulders, and fat upper bodies should try not to choose small round neck styles. The other three collar types are more suitable to wear. Appropriate exposure of skin can reduce the weight, extend the neck line, and have a good slimming effect.


The craftsmanship of the neckline is also worth noting. This cloth The collar is relatively soft and prone to deformation, while the threaded collar has better support, greater elasticity, and is less likely to deform. In order to make the neckline more upright and stylish, it is usually reinforced. The reinforcement process is also different, three needles > two needles > one needle.


The sleeve design of the T-shirt will also affect the version Girls with narrow and thick shoulders are recommended to choose the style of shoulder sleeves and raglan sleeves, which have a better modification effect on the shoulders and are more comfortable.Girls who are tall and energetic with thick arms can choose the style of dropped shoulder sleeves to cover the flesh and look slimmer.

Okay, I will share the selection of T-shirts here. After seeing this, everyone must have realized that they are cheap. What’s the difference between a brand-new T-shirt and an expensive T-shirt? If you want to wear a high-quality look, it’s better not to be cheap.

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