Buy Fabric Fabric News What fabrics are generally used for sweatshirts (what are some tips for buying sweatshirts)

What fabrics are generally used for sweatshirts (what are some tips for buying sweatshirts)

Sweatshirts that are both fashionable and functional are the first choice item in spring and autumn and are very popular in casual clothing. The loose design of the sweatshirt comb…

Sweatshirts that are both fashionable and functional are the first choice item in spring and autumn and are very popular in casual clothing. The loose design of the sweatshirt combines comfort and fashion, and is trendy and versatile. It is one of the best equipment for leisure sports. Moreover, sweatshirts are fashionable and versatile. Whether they are sweatpants, jeans, overalls, or skirts, they can create a relaxed sense of fashion.

For sweatshirts that are highly favored by the fashion circle, if you want to wear them with a sense of fashion, you must understand the types of sweatshirts and what tips you have for purchasing them.

What types of sweatshirts are there

01 / Sweater fabrics Category

The fabric types of sweatshirts can be roughly divided into terry cloth, fleece, and sherpa. , cotton materials. The sweatshirt made of terry cloth is thick, elastic, hygroscopic, and warm, and feels very comfortable to the touch. Fleece sweatshirts are soft, full to the touch, and have higher warmth than sweatshirts made of other materials. Lambskin sweatshirts are not prone to static electricity and have a strong sense of fashion. Cotton sweatshirts are highly regarded for their warmth, comfort and natural health. Sweatshirts that add a little blending to cotton are knitted terry sweatshirts and can also be counted among cotton sweatshirts.

02 / Sweater style category

Sweatshirts can be divided into loose sweatshirts, slim sweatshirts, pullover sweatshirts, and cardigan sweatshirts according to different styles. Loose-fitting sweatshirts make you look slimmer and cover your body, and are more suitable for wearing alone or layered with shirts. The slim-fitting sweatshirt is fashionable and smart, suitable for layering with shirts or layering with jackets or denim jackets. The pullover sweatshirt is casual and elegant, the cardigan sweatshirt can also be worn as a jacket, and the inner wear options are more diverse.

03 / Sweater collar type category

Sweatshirts can be divided into round-neck sweatshirts, half-neck sweatshirts, and hooded sweatshirts according to different collar types. The round-neck sweatshirt is fashionable and versatile. It can be worn as a layer or on its own, making it effortless to match. Half turtleneck sweatshirts generally have the effect of fake two pieces, which are more distinctive and have a stronger sense of layering. Hooded sweatshirts are generally worn as outerwear, or can be layered with jackets. The drawstring of the hood can be tied into various styles of decorative knots such as wheat ear knots and pumpkin knots, making it more fashionable.

04 / Sweatshirt length categories

Sweatshirts can be divided into short styles according to their length. Sweatshirts, regular sweatshirts, mid-length sweatshirts, long sweatshirts. Short sweatshirts are generally longer than the navel. They are fashionable and hot, and are suitable for girls with good figures. Regular sweatshirts are generally longer than the waist and cover the crotch, which can be worn by most people, and they are also one of the more popular sweatshirts on the market. The length of mid-length sweatshirts is basically below the hips and above the knees. It is very fashionable to wear with shorts and skirts. Small girls can also wear it as a sweatshirt skirt. The length of long sweatshirts is generally below the knee and above the ankle, which is the style of a sweatshirt skirt.

05 / Sweatshirt pattern category

Sweatshirts can be divided into solid color sweatshirts, printed sweatshirts, embroidered sweatshirts and gradient sweatshirts according to different patterns. Solid color sweatshirts are low-key and versatile, printed sweatshirts are casual and playful (especially cartoon printed sweatshirts), embroidered sweatshirts are exquisite and luxurious, and gradient sweatshirts are fashionable and gorgeous. Each has its own characteristics and its own way of fashion. Relatively speaking, solid color sweatshirts are more versatile and can be worn alone or layered easily.

Tips for buying sweatshirts

01 / Sweatshirt size selection

When purchasing a sweatshirt, you should choose a sweatshirt of the appropriate size according to your own wearing needs. If you want to wear it close to the body, at most add a thin thermal underwear inside, or if you want to wear it with a jacket on top of a sweatshirt, it is better to choose a size that fits you perfectly. If you want to wear a shirt, sweater, etc. under a sweatshirt, choose something looser.

02 / Sweatshirt fabric selection

When buying a sweatshirt, I personally recommend buying pure cotton, and preferably 100% cotton, followed by 70% and 65% cotton. Pure cotton sweatshirts are comfortable to wear and basically do not pill. . However, pure cotton sweatshirts are easy to shrink, so when buying, you can buy a slightly larger size so that you are not afraid of shrinking and not fitting properly. If you are afraid of the cold, fleece and sherpa sweatshirts are also a good choice.

03 / Sweatshirt style selection

If you don’t know what style of sweatshirt to buy when buying a sweatshirt, you can’t go wrong with a regular round-neck solid color sweatshirt. It can be worn alone or layered. It’s easy to wear, and there’s no pressure to wear it with trousers or skirts. If girls like to wear skirts, they can directly buy a mid-length sweatshirt, pair it with shorts and skirts to play with the bottom, or wear it directly as a sweatshirt and skirt. It’s OK. If you like layering, choosing a cardigan and sweatshirt is very practical. It can be worn as a sweater or as a jacket with other clothes. It serves multiple purposes.

Types of sweatshirts and purchasing tips are shared here. Welcome to leave comments to unlock more methods of purchasing and wearing sweatshirts.

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