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What goes best with T-shirts (How to wear T-shirts to be high-end)

Although it is now the beginning of autumn, the temperature in most parts of the country is not very low. When dressing You can still wear some tops that expose your skin appropria…

Although it is now the beginning of autumn, the temperature in most parts of the country is not very low. When dressing You can still wear some tops that expose your skin appropriately, such as refreshing, age-reducing and comfortable T-shirts. This basic item can show enough comfort and style when worn, and it is also very versatile. , even in the early autumn season, there are many practical and fashionable matching methods. How to wear T-shirts in a high-end way? 3 seasonal matching styles, either playful or gentle.

1. T-shirt with trousers

The combination of T-shirts and trousers can create a matching effect of short top and high bottom. This matching method raises the waistline through reasonable matching, so that the body proportions are more perfect. For ladies who want to appear taller or want to show longer legs, this classic height-promoting matching method is very suitable. Useful.

Wearing a T-shirt with trousers You can try to use color matching to neutralize each other to show a relaxed matching effect. If the T-shirt on the upper body is a bright color in color design, then when choosing trousers, you should try to be as simple and elegant as possible. If the T-shirt on the upper body is darker in color design, it can be paired with bright-colored pants.

But if you want to wear it with a refreshing feeling when matching, you need to choose low saturation. Bright colors or bright colors with cool tones.

If you feel like wearing it alone in early autumn matching If the T-shirt is cold, you can try to match it with a denim jacket outside the T-shirt. Use a denim jacket with a strong sense of casualness and comfort to achieve an age-reducing effect. The inside can be paired with a solid color T-shirt or a striped T-shirt. T-shirts or T-shirts with printed elements are used to give a girly look.

2. T-shirt with skirt

Compared with the matching of T-shirts and trousers, it is more suitable for mature women. It is a combination of T-shirt and skirt. The way of matching this skirt can add tenderness and femininity.

When choosing a skirt, you must follow the principle of choosing a long skirt rather than a short one.

Pairing a T-shirt with a skirt You should also follow the principle of combining dark and light color combinations. If the color design of the T-shirt on the upper body is relatively low-key and simple, the lower body can be matched with a tulle skirt of an appropriate bright color to show a sense of gentleness.

At the same time, this loose long skirt combination is suitable for girls with pear-shaped figures. It is also very friendly, and the small flaws in the crotch can be perfectly hidden through the loose skirt.

When matching a T-shirt with a skirt You must understand the role of the waistline. The height of the waistline must be high to show the effect of lengthening the legs. Therefore, when matching, you should use a short T-shirt to match a high-waisted mid-length skirt, so that the waist is The position of the thread is raised to create a matching effect that shows both leg length and elegance.

3. T-shirt with small scarf

In fact, sometimes the role of accessories is more important than the clothes themselves. Accessories can match the overall It shows the finishing touch, especially the basic white T-shirt, which is very low-key and simple in color and style design. If you want to wear a dazzling matching effect, you can match it with an exquisite small silk scarf on the neckline.

Don’t underestimate the matching of this small scarf, simple bright color matching can make You look bright with your simple and elegant clothes.

Pay attention to harmony in the overall color matching, so if you want to match it with a bright-colored scarf In this case, the matching of full-body clothes should be controlled within two colors, so that the color matching of the whole body will not show a dazzling matching effect.

Pair it with silk when wearing a T-shirt The scarf can make up for the gap in the neck. At the same time, the combination of this scarf can also show the effect of shifting the visual focus. When wearing a T-shirt, it is easy to show a bad street effect because the style and color are very simple. Avoid A very good way to match a trailblazer is to match it with a suitable small scarf.

When wearing T-shirts every day, in addition to choosing the style and color that suits you, It is also necessary to present a dazzling matching effect through reasonable matching. Of course, in addition to matching clothes, accessories are also very important!

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