Buy Fabric Fabric News Which material should I choose for a T-shirt (what is the difference between high-end simplicity and sloppy monotony)

Which material should I choose for a T-shirt (what is the difference between high-end simplicity and sloppy monotony)

Summer is probably the season when women buy clothes most frequently. As the temperature rises, the frequency of women changing clothes is also increasing rapidly. Not only will fa…

Summer is probably the season when women buy clothes most frequently.

As the temperature rises, the frequency of women changing clothes is also increasing rapidly. Not only will fashion stores frequently launch new clothes, but also taking into account the daily matching needs, we need to prepare a variety of items. There are also a lot of goods, and it is not a small expense to put together a decent set of clothes.

For women who want to be lazy in dressing, the most cost-effective option is to just use the most reliable items To create your own summer image, such as the T-shirt that everyone cannot avoid.

The versatility and comfort of T-shirts make them the undisputed king of matching. However, women who always wear T-shirts may find it difficult to match well with T-shirts.

Some people wear T-shirts that are smart and sophisticated, while others look lazy and unsophisticated in T-shirts. The difference is not It’s just a matter of different body shapes.

In this issue, we will talk about the issues you need to pay attention to when wearing T-shirts in summer. Wearing the same T-shirt, what is the difference between high-end simplicity and sloppy monotony? You will know these 3 points, let’s take a look~

Most women like to wear T-shirts not because T-shirts look so fashionable, but simply because T-shirts can be matched casually without having to think too much.

Objectively speaking, this is indeed the advantage of T-shirts, but a casual attitude towards T-shirts can easily affect a woman’s judgment in choosing a style. Although T-shirts costing more than a dozen yuan are acceptable, styles that lack quality tend to look cheap no matter how you wear them.

Generally speaking, T-shirts priced at a few hundred yuan can avoid the problem of looking cheap, but this is not the case It is said that T-shirts priced under 100 yuan must have no quality.

If you want to spend a small amount of money but still wear quality, for a single product like a T-shirt, you can choose from the details of two parts, one is the neckline, the other The second is the shoulder line. T-shirts with thicker necklines, clear and crisp shoulder lines will be more durable and more tolerant to your body shape.

In addition, if you have higher-end clothing needs, you can also pay more attention to the material of the T-shirt. Cotton T-shirts are also available in different types of cotton materials.

For example, if you want a T-shirt to be wrinkle-resistant, don’t choose long-staple cotton. If you want a T-shirt with good gloss and a more luxurious look, choose mercerized cotton. Just decide according to the dressing occasion.

The famous fashion designer Jacob once said: “For me, dressing is a kind of self-expression and can always reflect some characteristics of the person.” Women’s pursuit of decent clothing is not just to enhance their image, but also to reflect One’s own taste, and convey the good cultivation behind the taste.

Whether wearing a T-shirt is high-end depends on whether a woman shows sufficient aesthetic level and design ingenuity when matching it.

Of course, experienced women can create beautiful looks easily, and if you lack some experience, you can also use The following two dimensions are used to enhance the sophistication of the shape.

① Use silhouette combination to create dressing fun

The reason why T-shirts give people a casual impression is that Because it has a soft outline and looks lacking in personality, if you wear it with the same casual items, although it is not a mistake, it can easily look monotonous. For example, a T-shirt and tight jeans are already a “bad” combination.

However, as long as you make a slight change, such as using retro boot-cut trousers with a T-shirt, the overall silhouette will change in elasticity. Once you close it and open it, it will look much more durable.

② Color echo enhances the sense of harmony

Color combination�It is also an important part of clothing matching. Women who don’t understand fashion have a certain sense of color. If there are many items in the wardrobe, you might as well pick out items of the same color and try combining them. It may bring unexpected surprises.

Pairing solid-color T-shirts with the lower body and accessories can create highlights, while printed T-shirts are especially suitable for using color echoes to create a fashionable aura.

In addition to being more careful when choosing, women want to To make a shirt recognizable, we must break away from the conventional fixed matching formula and create new ideas to reflect our small designs.

① Wearing a T-shirt may not necessarily only match pants

The casualness of the T-shirt does go well with pants, but if Replacing the bottoms with lighter and more flexible skirts, such as pleated skirts and umbrella skirts, can make women more charming and charming.

②Mix and match multiple styles for layering

Use a knitted sweater Stacking T-shirts is already a very common practice. These two items have a strong sense of leisure, so they can be worn with a simple combination.

Women who are more thoughtful will not be satisfied with this conventional matching formula. They will match T-shirts with business-style suits. On the one hand, they weaken the rigidity of suits. On the other hand, it enhances the momentum of the T-shirt and easily shows the aura of a woman.

③You can also wear a T-shirt with a scarf

Us It is often thought that only when you are very delicately dressed can you wear such a highly decorative silk scarf, but the truth is exactly the opposite. If you dress grandly and accessories are just one of many routine procedures, it can only be said that it will achieve nothing.

Women who use silk scarves as embellishments when dressing simply will immediately look different. T-shirts and ribbons actually match well and are suitable for women with high-end tastes. try.

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