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How to wear T-shirts (layered like this in summer is trendy enough)

The summer craze is coming, have you already arranged your T-shirts? As a versatile item that can be worn all year round, T-shirts no longer seem to be worn in a regular way and ca…

The summer craze is coming, have you already arranged your T-shirts? As a versatile item that can be worn all year round, T-shirts no longer seem to be worn in a regular way and can be stunning when going out on the street, especially in the current fashion industry that is popular at the speed of atomic bombs.

In addition to wearing a T-shirt alone, is there any other correct way to open it to make it look more youthful and trendy while also making you taller and more beautiful? Today I will unlock a new idea for “layering” T-shirts, even if they are plain. A simple T-shirt can also make your look more fashionable.


◎How to use color

The use of color – one of the rules that we must use no matter what item we change, it gives people the first It is a visual impression, so what color system to choose and how to choose it to look good are all essential lessons in color.

★Low saturation of the whole body or contrasting colors in a small area

Low saturation of the whole body means that everything from tops and bottoms to accessories are matched with low saturation colors, such as black and white , gray, and brown are all classic colors and versatile basic colors, which are unified and easy to make mistakes; or we can choose 1/4 of the whole body look as the highlight, similar to bloggers who steadily choose black and white classic colors to match tops and bottoms, and use deep sea Blue is used as a highlight to embellish the whole body.

This rule is very suitable for novices or girls who are simple and elegant to wear T-shirts on top of each other. It is easy to control without stepping on others or picking on others.

★Medium-area contrasting colors

Medium-area contrasting colors are an alternative and trendy addition that is hard to make mistakes for girls who want to break the dullness. Among them, to avoid common misunderstandings, the use of contrasting colors does not necessarily require bottoms. It can be any part of the whole body look, as long as the sum of the contrasting colors does not exceed 1/3 of the entire color.

At the same time, contrasting colors does not necessarily have to contrast with one color. You can refer to the medium-sized color contrasting used by bloggers when going out on the street. The bottoms and accessory sunglasses are in contrasting colors with each other, making the whole body fashionable.

★Large-area contrasting colors

Generally, you can use large-area colors to layer T-shirts to match. Most of the styles are street-oriented and cool. If you are a regular Girls who take this route can use the T-shirt as a white wall to create more colorful chemical reactions. It should be noted that the total number of colors in large-area contrasting colors is best controlled within 3 colors, and there must be a clear primary and secondary relationship. For example, the above blogger uses large-area contrasting colors, and the total number of contrasting colors is controlled within 3. There are three categories, orange, yellow and black brown, among which orange is the main contrasting color, so the layers are clear, and even the contrasting colors have their own rules.

◎Diverse look interpretations of layered T-shirts

Packaging can be interpreted in many different ways, even if it is as simple as a T-shirt. The basic style can also be worn every day by layering it.

★How to use it as an outer layer

T-shirts are always used as an outer layer, which is a novelty that changes from the conventional use as an inner layer. If it is similar to the blogger’s layering technique, then when choosing the T-shirt and the inner version, you must follow the rules of loose inside and loose outside or tight inside and loose outside. In this way, the stacking effect can not only slim and shape, but also make the The layers are well-proportioned without looking bloated. Wear versatile jeans at the bottom, making sure to keep the same pattern as the top.

★The method of layering a small area with white space

The blogger used irregular design elements and trendy items to layer white T-shirts when going out, leaving only a small area Part of the area is exposed, which not only creates new ideas for layering, but also highlights the high level of the outfit. The trendy outfits extended by this are very suitable for girls who reflect their fashionable personality. The bottoms can be matched with basic styles. The highlights of the whole body should be kept as visually prominent as possible, and accessories can also be slightly supplemented.

★How to use suits when layered

The advantages of suits are self-evident. They can be worn alone as a complete set or out in the street. Layering T-shirts is also a breeze. Two points to note: the choice of fabric and the difference in style.

look1-Trousers suit layered with white T

Supermodel Gigi’s suit is a super classic suit style. The advantage of this style is Make no mistake, novices can easily control it, and choosing a lustrous texture on the fabric will instantly make the suit more advanced. In addition, we can also use the current popular colors, such as the deep forest green with large fabrics on the upper body of supermodels, which is both trendy and skin-rejuvenating.

look2-skirts worn over white T-shirts

If you choose a skirt suit, you should also pay attention to the fabric texture and style. You might as well learn from the blogger’s interior and exterior combination, wear a leather jacket + miniskirt to immediately optimize your body proportions, and wear short boots to reveal your slender legs, which is very suitable for girls with good lines. Among them, the color is also chosen as classic black and white, which is simple and elegant.

★How to use different lengths of T-shirts

Whether it is worn with a T-shirt outside or inside, especially inside, the length can be cleverly used to create different Stylish look is also one of the layering skills.

look1-short layered windbreaker + trousers

Summer is definitely the time to slay for those who have waistcoat lines, you can wear sexy inner shorts T-shirts can be switched between classic colors such as white, black, and gray. Generally, this style is more street style.

So other single product combinations should also try to unify the style, such as the blogger’s leather wide-edition windbreaker and tights paired with Martin boots, as well as the combination of accessories.�Strengthening this style attribute, these details are worthy of our reference.

Look2-Black T-layered windbreaker + hip-hugging denim skirt

If you are a girl who often walks the route of a middle-class lady, you can also create a full look with a versatile T-shirt. It is full of romantic style. You can learn from the whole look of the blogger. The choice of fabrics focuses on this style. The coat is chiffon and not similar to leather. In terms of style, I also choose a hip-covering skirt with a feminine effect, so the overall atmosphere is reflected. A strong sense of touch and attention to detail are the key to making your personal characteristics stand out.

★Comprehensive application method

The comprehensive application method is commonly used when we layer. It includes the use of colors, styles, etc., and is more suitable for those who require certain matching skills. For girls, the overall look will be more personalized.

The blogger’s OOTD uses contrasting colors in a medium area very well. The colors of the rainbow strips are very eye-catching. At the same time, it combines the fashion rules of short top and long bottom to create an inner look. Short and high-waisted flared pants, with strong layering and elongated legs.


There are many ways to wear T-shirts fashionably. The advantage of basic and versatile styles is that there is always a world of treasures that cannot be mined. Of course, so many ways to layer T-shirts are enough for us to check in and take photos throughout the summer. It can be salty or sweet, let’s create your ICON together! The above is what I will share today, see you in the next article for more exciting dressing topics!

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