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New aramid soft mobile explosion-proof wall

New aramid soft mobile explosion-proof wall New aramid soft mobile explosion-proof wall Today, the editor specially recommends a good article to everyone to read in advance. Althou…

New aramid soft mobile explosion-proof wall

New aramid soft mobile explosion-proof wall

Today, the editor specially recommends a good article to everyone to read in advance. Although high-performance aramid may not be unfamiliar to everyone, everyone must be full of curiosity about the new applications of aramid in the field of explosion protection. Then, Hu Long, Ai Qingsong, Chen Hong, Xu Dongmei and Wu Zhongwei from Beijing Aerospace Lite Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. and Beijing Institute of Aerospace Experimental Technology will answer your questions and take you to know about a movable explosion-proof wall. This article was published in the 12th issue of the “Synthetic Fibers” scientific and technological journal in 2018. The online version will be published first, and the paper publication date will be December 25.

Soft mobile explosion-proof wall
Mobile explosion-proof wall, as the name suggests, is a movable wall protection product that can protect against the shock waves generated by explosions and the harm caused by some metal, ceramic and other debris. As we all know, when conducting blasting tests, some explosive fragments will be splashed out, posing a major safety hazard to surrounding personnel and materials. Taking advantage of the many outstanding advantages of aramid fiberless fabric such as its small density, large elastic specific absorption energy, good flame retardancy, resistance to chemical corrosion and aging resistance, Beijing Aerospace Leiter Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of mobile explosion-proof wall. ——Aramid soft mobile explosion-proof wall.
To understand the aramid soft movable explosion-proof wall, let’s start with the aramid weftless fabric.

Aramid weftless fabric is made of high-performance aramid and is one of the important protective equipment in the field of personal protection. Due to its outstanding defense advantages and softness, some new application fields are being developed, among which mobile explosion-proof walls are one of the new application fields. Compared with hard protective materials, aramid soft protective walls have the following advantages:

① Avoid secondary damage. When explosive fragments hit the surface of a hard material such as an explosion-proof door, a ricochet phenomenon will occur, that is, the fragments will rebound and hit other targets, causing secondary damage. When fragments hit the soft explosion-proof wall, the energy of the fragments is absorbed in the form of stress wave propagation, fiber breakage, projectile deformation, etc., without ricochet, effectively avoiding the problem of secondary damage.
② Light weight. The bulk density of high-performance aramid fiber is generally 0.9~2.0 g/cm 3 , which is only 1/8~1/4 of the density of bulletproof steel and 1/3~1/2 of the density of aluminum alloy. Its specific modulus is that of bulletproof steel. 3 to 5 times that of bulletproof steel, and its specific strength is 4 to 10 times that of bulletproof steel. When the protection capabilities are the same, the mass of soft explosion-proof walls is more than 60% lighter than steel plates.

③ Simple structural design and easy installation and disassembly. Due to the need for special-shaped protection of structures in aerospace tests, soft explosion-proof walls have significant advantages over bulletproof steel plates because of their convenient and simple shape design. In addition, soft explosion-proof walls are easy to install and disassemble due to their light weight.

④ Good flame retardant performance. Aramid itself has flame-retardant properties, and the weftless fabric woven from aramid has intrinsic flame-retardant properties. There is no need to worry about fire and other issues during the test.
The technical principle of the new soft mobile explosion-proof wall: It mainly includes the ballistic impact of protective materials and the estimation and calculation of dangerous parameters of the protected objects. Based on these two aspects, a practical and reliable explosion-proof wall can be developed. Technical solution: Considering that aramid soft mobile explosion-proof walls are mostly used in outdoor environments and must withstand wind and rain, a layer of steel structure is fixed on the surface of the place that needs protection, and the explosion-proof tapestry is fixed on the steel structure. Only then can an explosion-proof wall be formed. The key technologies for the development of new soft movable blast-proof walls are the determination of the defense capabilities of the blast-proof wall and the fixation of soft aramid fiberless fabric.

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