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Insulating paper for motors

Insulating paper for motors Insulating paper for motors Insulating paper is the general name for electrical insulation paper. Used as insulation material for cables, coils and othe…

Insulating paper for motors

Insulating paper for motors

Insulating paper is the general name for electrical insulation paper. Used as insulation material for cables, coils and other electrical equipment. In addition to having good insulation properties and mechanical strength, each has its own characteristics.

Heat resistance testing is performed in the laboratory. It must be able to withstand an open flame at a distance of 3 centimeters and 300 to 400 degrees Celsius. If it does not ignite within 10 seconds, it can be used to make competition uniforms. Underwear, hoods, socks and gloves for riders and team personnel are all made from Nomex.

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Aramid 1313

Meta-aromatic polyamide fiber, called aramid 1313 in my country, was invented and put into use by DuPont in the 1960s. It is a good high-temperature flame-retardant fiber that can maintain 80% of its original strength at 200°C. About %, it can still maintain 65% to 70% of its original strength after 100 hours of continuous use at 260°C. It also forms a barrier between the human body and clothes, reduces the heat transfer effect, provides protection, and can withstand the effects of most acids and alkali. The stability is also very good. Due to its outstanding performance and broad market prospects, various countries have carried out research and development. It has outstanding heat resistance and electrical properties. It is widely used in the military industry and electrical industry. It is an excellent H-class insulating material.

NOMEX 410 type aromatic polyamide

Wherever electrical insulation is required, NOMEX aromatic polyamide products can usually be seen. It has a unique and appropriate balance of properties. Over the years, it has been widely used in transformers, motors, generators and other electrical equipment to improve electrical insulation. reliability.

main feature

The unique combination of properties gives NOMEX products excellent properties:

NOMEX® is a synthetic aromatic amide polymer with the following excellent properties:

1. Inherent dielectric strength

NOMEX after calendering; the product can withstand short-term voltage field strengths of 18-40KV/mm, and does not require further treatment with varnish and resin;

Since NOMEX® products have low dielectric constant, the electric field distribution between the insulation and cooling medium is more uniform;

2. Mechanical toughness

After calendering, NOMEX® products have very high strength, good elasticity, tear resistance and abrasion resistance, and thin products are flexible;

3. Thermal stability

NOMEX® products have UL material temperature rating of 220°C, which means they can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years even if they are continuously placed at 220°C;

4. Chemical compatibility

NOMEX® is essentially unaffected by most solvents and is extremely resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It is also compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants and coolants. In addition, NOMEX will not be damaged by insects, fungi and mold;

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5. Low temperature performance

At the boiling point of nitrogen (77K), the tensile strength of NOMEX T410 insulation paper and NOMEX 993 and 994 laminates exceeds the strength value at room temperature;

6. Not sensitive to moisture

When NOMEX® products are 95% wet, their dielectric strength is 90% of that in a completely dry state. At the same time, many mechanical properties are actually improved;

7. Radiation resistance

Even if the intensity of ionizing radiation reaches 800 megarads (8 megagray), NOMEX® products are basically unaffected, and they still maintain their mechanical and electrical properties after eight times of such doses of radiation;

8. Non-toxic/flammable

NOMEX® products do not cause any known toxic effects in humans or animals. NOMEX® products do not melt in air and do not support combustion. Moreover, its limiting oxygen index (LOI) is greater than 20.8 (general air combustion critical value) at 220°C, so it will not burn. NOMEX® products comply with the flame resistance requirements specified by UL94V-0;

Enhance transformer function and improve motor life and reliability

Application scope

NOMEX; products can be used in various applications in various types of transformers (including open ventilated dry type, cast coil type and liquid-filled type): wire winding, layer insulation, segment and box insulation, winding end filler, Partitions and spacer rods, etc. In open ventilated dry-type (OVDT) transformers, NOMEX® products can greatly improve the design of this type of transformer, reduce electrical losses, improve backup capabilities, increase safety and reliability, and reduce the amount of steel used in conductors and cores, thereby shrinking size and reduce costs. One of the great advantages of dry-type transformers is that they can be placed inside a building.

NOMEX® products can also improve the performance of liquid-filled transformers and reduce the number of maintenance times. The versatility and simplicity of NOMEX® products can help reduce inventory and costs.

NOMEX® products are widely used in motors and generators for slot wedge insulation, phase insulation, end laminates, etc. It makes all kinds of rotating equipment (AC and DC motors, random coils and molded wire windings, and even large turbine generators) better thermally insulated, better mechanically, and safer.Higher performance and longer service life.

tufQUIN composite insulation paper

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TFT composite material

TFT composite material is a series of composite products of high-performance insulating paper

tufQUIN110 is laminated with polyester film. The typical structure is a thin layer of tufQUIN insulating paper with polyester film laminated on both sides for high temperature insulation systems.

typical application

tufQUIN TFT composite materials are typically used in 180°C (H) class motors or engines as slot insulation and slot insulation. They are also used in 200°C (N) class dry-type transformers as interlayer insulation and grounding. insulation.

TFT composite material is a product with balanced electrical, physical and thermal properties. It improves the reliability of equipment operation by improving the performance of insulation materials.

1.180°C (H) class motors or generators, slot insulation, phase insulation and slot insulation

2. Dry-type transformer, interlayer insulation and ground insulation

3. Spiral wound tube

4. Wire and harness wrapping

5. Circuit breaker panel

6.Busbar insulation

7. Capacitor insulation layer

8. Current carrying wires and devices

9. DC coil insulation

Main features

1. High toughness

2.Excellent dielectric properties

3. High thermal conductivity

4.Easy to insert and embed

5. Certain hardness and resilience

6.UL insulation system certification, grade 200°C(N)

7.CSA certified, temperature class 180°C and 200°C

product specifications

Thickness 0.1-0.76 (mm) Color white Size 914 (mm) Packing instructions Boxed Brand 3M Grade H Features High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance Heat resistance 220

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