Buy Fabric Fabric News Printed T-shirts, what is the difference between reducing age and “pretending to be young”?

Printed T-shirts, what is the difference between reducing age and “pretending to be young”?

Printed T-shirts, what is the difference between reducing age and “pretending to be young”? Printed T-shirt, what is the difference between reducing age and “pret…

Printed T-shirts, what is the difference between reducing age and “pretending to be young”?

Printed T-shirt, what is the difference between reducing age and “pretending to be young”?

Do you have any printed t-shirts? It is very suitable for inner layering in spring. Just like in the picture below:

Printed T-shirt + simple bottoms, paired with your favorite shoes (shoes determine the overall style of the overall match), plus a simple jacket, it’s a spring match.

Printed T-shirts can be used as the “flavoring agent” in the matching. They have a very good decorative effect in the matching of simple/basic items, and they are also very age-reducing.

I have also written about the matching of printed T-shirts before, emphasizing the age-reducing effect of printed T-shirts. Many students ask: What is the difference between reducing age and pretending to be young? How to judge whether you are losing age or pretending to be young?

I provide a relatively simple judgment method:

If a single item has no size restrictions and can be worn by both girls and boys, and there is no sense of violation when wearing it, then it is “unisex style”. And generally neutral-style items will have a very good age-reducing effect!

The printed T-shirt in the picture below is a neutral style.

However, please note that clothes are divided into “versions”!

Ordinary large T-shirts, in theory, can be worn by both men and women as long as they are the right size. However, once the neck opening is too large, too much collarbone and neck area is exposed, or there is a slimming/waist design, it will appear feminine. Change, men will dress very “girly”! As shown in the picture below, the T-shirt in the middle left has a large neckline and a waisted version. It is very strange for men to wear and feels a bit girly, so it is classified as a “women’s T-shirt”; while the T-shirt in the picture on the right has a small neckline and a straight version. Shape, men’s clothing fits well, and women’s clothing can blur the body contours, which is “neutral style”.

In addition, when you choose a printed T-shirt, even if the style is “neutral”, you still have to think about the pattern on it. Will it look “girly” on a man?

For example, in the picture below, the left and right are unisex T-shirts with cartoon designs, but the one on the left is a cute unicorn with a heart. Think about it, do masculine men wear weird clothes? Would an adolescent son be willing to wear it? ? Will you be moved by the little brother wearing this T-shirt? ? ? Most probably don’t, right? This type of printed T-shirt with a “sweet and cute” pattern tends to be younger and girlish in style. Men may look a bit weird when wearing it, while older women may feel “pretentious” when wearing it.

The T-shirt on the right has an abstract American comic design. Although it is quite cute, it does not seem to be inappropriate for men to wear. There are even many similar styles in many trendy brands. This pattern is more “playful” than “cute”, and older women won’t feel like “pretending to be a little girl” when wearing it.

640 (12).  jpg

The two T-shirts in the picture below are the feminine version + youthful pattern VS the neutral version + neutral pattern.

You can feel the difference in style and “texture”:

[Can you still wear printed T-shirts when you are older? 】

When I wrote about printed T-shirts and printed sweatshirts, many people asked this question.

640 (4).  jpg

The answer is, of course, but if you know how to choose, you must choose a printed T-shirt with a neutral version and a neutral pattern. Otherwise, it will easily lower the quality of the match and add to the suspicion of “pretending to be young”!

I specially found an elderly model as an example:

Look at the picture below. They are all letter-printed T-shirts. The one on the left is simple and clean, so it doesn’t look cute, but the cute graphics on the right are a bit “pretending to be cute” and are not as showy as the one on the left. texture.

For another example of a cartoon pattern, look at the picture below:

Even if they are all Mickey, there is still a difference between “neutral” and “young age”.

Simple and neat, think about it, is it suitable for both men and women, young and old? The one on the right is obviously “too sweet and too cute” and looks younger. It looks good on young girls, but it is not suitable for older people and it is not easy to show quality.

Therefore, older women, even older women, can still wear printed T-shirts or even cartoon T-shirts! But choose well! Choose the gender-neutral one!

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Author: clsrich