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Fireproof material testing

Fireproof material testing Fireproof material testing Detection Overview Building materials are a general term for materials used in civil engineering and construction projects. It…

Fireproof material testing

Fireproof material testing

Detection Overview

Building materials are a general term for materials used in civil engineering and construction projects. It can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and some special materials. Structural materials include wood, bamboo, stone, cement, concrete, metal, bricks, ceramics, glass, engineering plastics, composite materials, etc. Decorative materials include various coatings, paints, coatings, veneers, ceramic tiles of various colors, glass with special effects, etc.
Test products

Flame retardant clothFlame retardant fabric

1. Building materials and products (non-flooring and tubular insulation products)

(a) Decorative boards: non-combustible inorganic composite boards (such as glass magnesium flat plates, calcium silicate boards, fiber reinforced cement boards, other inorganic composite boards), composite calcium silicate gypsum ceilings, gypsum ceilings, mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing panels, composite glass Magnesium fiber fireproof board, aluminum-plastic composite board, metal ceiling, plywood, wooden artificial board, plastic veneer decorative board, wood-plastic board, stone-plastic board, decorative insulation integrated board, etc.

(b) Insulation materials: inorganic wool for thermal insulation (such as rock wool products, slag wool products, glass wool products, aluminum silicate fiber products, etc.

(c) Decorative fabrics: wallpaper, wall coverings, artificial leather, etc.

2. Floor covering products

Textile carpets, cork boards, wooden boards, rubber boards, plastic floors and floor spray materials, etc.

Fireproof clothFireproof cloth

3. Tubular thermal insulation products

Rubber and plastic sponge insulation materials, polyurethane insulation materials, etc.

4. Metal surface composite sandwich panels and wall insulation products

a) Metal-faced composite sandwich panels: metal-faced polystyrene (XPS, EPS) sandwich panels, metal-faced rigid polyurethane sandwich panels, metal-faced rock wool (slag wool) sandwich panels, metal-faced glass wool sandwich panels plate.

b) Wall insulation products: polystyrene (XPS, EPS) materials, phenolic foam materials, polyurethane materials, etc.

5. Products for specific purposes

1. Curtain and curtain textile materials

Curtains, curtains, flame retardant fabrics, flame retardant decorative fabrics, etc.

2. Wire and cable casing plastic materials

Insulated PVC electrical casing, PVC electrical wiring conduit, polyethylene flame retardant pipe, plastic sheet, flame retardant insulated PVC wire trough, polyethylene plastic corrugated wire conduit, etc.

3. Fire retardant coating

For decorative fire retardant coatings, fire retardant coatings can be tested by the large plate method, tunnel method and small chamber method in accordance with relevant product standards.

4. Various types of fire-resistant building components

Fire resistance limit testing of various building components, including fire partition walls, fire doors, fire shutters, fire-resistant glass, etc.

If you have products to apply for testing and certification or want to know more details, please contact Shanghai Seymour Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

1. National-level laboratories: All cooperative laboratories are national-level testing laboratories, with data accuracy of more than 99%.

2. Globally recognized certificate: The cooperative agency issues an authoritative internationally recognized test report. With one certificate in hand, you are worry-free around the world.

3. High-end testing talents: Experienced and highly educated testing talents ensure that the center continues to lead the development direction of domestic testing.

4. First-class testing equipment: The cooperative institutions have world-class testing equipment to ensure the accuracy of testing.

5. The shortest detection cycle: 30% to 50% faster than the global average detection cycle, effectively improving detection efficiency.

Firefighting SuitFirefighting clothing

Certification service scope:

1. EU special certification: CE certification (SIL safety, ATEX explosion-proof, CPR building materials, PED pressure vessels, PPE personal protection, MD machinery, LVD-low voltage, EMC-battery compatibility, NOISE noise, RED infinite directive, TOYS toys, EN71 Testing, ROHS, REACH, etc.), E-mark certification, ROHS certification, GS certification, EN/IEC testing

2. North American special certification: UL certification, FDA certification, FCC certification, CSA certification, ETL certification, ASTM testing,

3. China special certification: China CCC certification consulting, China CQC certification consulting, ISO9001 system certification consulting, ISO 50001 energy management system certification, ISO 27001 information security management system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, ITAF16949 Automobile and Accessories Management System Certification, ISO20000 Information Technology Service Management System Certification, Chemical Road Transport Safety Assessment System (CRSAS) Service System Certification, (After-sales Service Certification, Maintenance and repair services) BSCI factory inspection, GB testing consulting

4. Special certification in the Middle East: Iraq COC certification, Saudi Arabia SABER, etc.

5. Special certification in North Africa: Nigeria SONCAP certification, Kenya PVOC certification, Tanzania COC certification, Algeria COC certification, Uganda COC certification, etc.

6. Multi-country ECTN certification: Cameroon, Benin, Congo, Guinea, Burundi, Madagascar, Mali, Senegal, South Sudan, etc.

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