Buy Fabric Fabric News No wonder even Guo Biting likes to wear sweatshirts (wearing them casually makes her look young and will not go out of style for several years)

No wonder even Guo Biting likes to wear sweatshirts (wearing them casually makes her look young and will not go out of style for several years)

If there is one piece of clothing, it can be worn for three seasons throughout the year. The matching method is very simple. The effect of reducing age is not bad. How many times c…

If there is one piece of clothing, it can be worn for three seasons throughout the year. The matching method is very simple. The effect of reducing age is not bad. How many times can one wear it? Don’t worry about going out of style all year round, will youprepare a few pieces in your own home?

The editor will definitely prepare it. Who wouldn’t like clothes that are too practical? There are many clothes that are very practical in design, and the simple sweatshirt is one of them. The sporty temperament and comfortable style are bothvery practical, but remember to choose styles that are not rustic. Colorful and printed styles are more practical.

For the matching style of sweaters, you can look at Guo Biting. Unlike the rich lady, Guo Biting wears ordinary sweatshirts, and her pure and girlish temperament is attractive.No airs at all.

Guo Biting’s appearance is also so gentle, so the clothes on her body have the effect of adding charm. This kind of simpler and more daily clothing is approachable and has a natural age-reducing effect.

No wonder even Guo Biting likes to wear sweatshirts. Wearing them casually makes her look young, and she can wear them for years without going out of style. After all, they are all classic and basic styles of clothingEternalIt will never go out of style as long as it is not worn out. It’s just that a few pieces of this kind of nondescript clothing are enough, so remember to pick them carefully.

Guo Biting’s sweatshirt selection and matching methods are very beautiful. Choosing colorful sweatshirts will make for a more artistic combination. A simpleblack sweatshirt willchoose a more fashionable and unique combination. It’s just that she also has bad moments, so I don’t recommend sweatshirts that rely on their appearance to enhance their beauty.

Color determines temperament

▷Yellow Sweatshirt

The color selection of sweatshirts is quite important, such as black and gray sweatshirts, which generally need to be matched Add prints to make your look more fashionable. However, there are many colorful sweatshirts, or lively or artistic temperament. Even if there are no complicated decorations, just to create a sense of fashion, the effect of the clothing will be very good-looking.

Recommended artistic colors include ginger, flax, dark green or lotus root pink, which are all popular colors. , among which the ginger color also has a retro feel, the literary charm is more prominent, and there are no requirements for skin color. The whitening effect is better if the tone is not too dark.

▷Short, medium and long options

When wearing comfortable clothing, you should pay more attention to the slimming effect of the clothing. Short sweatshirts will show your belly, ordinary styles have no highlights, and long sweatshirts will make your legs short. These are what everyone is matching. It’s time to pay attention. Wearing a sweatshirt is not like wearing a T-shirt. You cannot wear it with your clothes tucked inside your pants. Therefore, try matching items that will make your legs look longer, such as tight pants and high heels, or add slits on both sides of your sweatshirt.

▷Temperament matching

Leg-lengthening sweatshirts are very matchable. They can not only be matched with tight pants that can highlight your figure, but are also suitable for matching with many different styles of clothing, such as retro wide-leg pants. It is a high-end matching method that can show the temperament of an ordinary sweatshirt, especially denim wide-leg pants, the visual effect is quite refreshing.

If you don’t wear makeup and feel that your temperament isdimmer, then you should match it more fashionably. For example, try pairing it with ripped jeans with a slightly fashionable design, more fashionable flared jeans, etc.

Although sweatshirts are an ordinary piece of clothing, they have been popular for so long and have given birth to so many fashionable ways of matching them. However, no matter how fashionable the clothing is, there will be shortcomings. Sweatshirts do include some styles that are not very good-looking and not very fashionable.

Analysis of red and black sweatshirts

▷Too low-key splicing style


Contrasting colors and splicing are elements that make an ordinary piece of clothing more fashionable. A long sweatshirt looks quite attractive after splicing. The legs are long. However, when wearing a long sweatshirt, if the matching method is inappropriate, it will appear too ordinary and boring.

When the long sweatshirt chooses navy blue as the main color, it is too easy to look old. Although it is combined with the splicing design, it releases a cool feeling , but because it was paired with black leggings, the color returned to its original low-key temperament. If you wear a sweatshirt that is too dark or too long, try to choosea refreshing combination.

▷Refreshing white

White sweatshirts are more popular than black and yellow, mainly because they are more practical, have a refreshing and age-reducing temperament, and can become high-end or handsome. There are many ways to match simple and medium-sized sweatshirts. Black pants will make you look slimmer, while white pants will make your legs look longer.

When choosing a jacket, choosing a colored one will give you a fashionable feel. If you want to look cooler, then Just wear itwith a black jacket.

▷Versatile black

Even the most ordinary black sweatshirt, the ordinary length one is more practical than the super long one. It can hide the belly and show the length of the legs, especially when paired with colorful pants or short skirts, the effect will be more youthful. change.

Paired with plaid brown pants, a conservative black sweatshirt can also show a slightly literary effect. It’s just that this style of matching is not recommended for people under 1.6 meters tall. The top covers the buttocks and looks lazy, and it also makes the legs look short.

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