Buy Fabric Fabric News Long T-shirts are comfortable but not very popular (it’s too easy to show short legs, and it looks so beautiful with Ma Yili)

Long T-shirts are comfortable but not very popular (it’s too easy to show short legs, and it looks so beautiful with Ma Yili)

No one doesn’t like to wear comfortable clothes. Even women who love beauty can’t help but choose comfortable clothes as much as possible when dressing up. When going o…

No one doesn’t like to wear comfortable clothes. Even women who love beauty can’t help but choose comfortable clothes as much as possible when dressing up. When going out in spring, you often see many peoplewearing long T-shirts. This kind of T-shirt is a representative of classic and comfortableclothing.

After all, when everyone wears a T-shirt, they can relax naturally, and at the same time, it also allows fat people to relax I feel relieved that I don’t need to tighten my tummy. It’s a pity that long T-shirts are super ordinary and can even make your legs look shorter.

Ma Yili’s figure is the envy of women. Wearing an ordinary long T-shirt does not make her look fat or short. On Ma Yili, the long T-shirt does not have many shortcomings. Showing short legs and showing fatare elements that cannot be seen in her T-shirt. If you like to wear long T-shirts, you must try thismatching technique of hers.

Long T-shirts are comfortable but not very popular. They are too easy to show short legs. It is so beautiful to match them like Ma Yili, in spring and summer. It can be used. If you like the clothes that are very comfortable, you need this matching skill even more.

Long T-shirt

Through the long There are definitely many people who buy T-shirts. They are obviously ordinary T-shirts, but the difference between long and short styles and ordinary styles is really not small. The ordinary style design will make the temperament of the T-shirt look more simple, and at the same time, it will add a little bit of sports style to it.

The long T-shirt only has a slimming effect on the abdomen, and the overall fat design releases a more lazy look. Comfortable, it is easy to appear rounded shoulders and it is easy to appear that your own legs are not long enough. At this time, some necessary dressing skills are especially important.

▽Tips for wearing long T-shirts

If you choose the right T-shirt, it will not be easy to wear it to make your legs short. Generally, when wearing long skirts, the waist is designed to enlarge the proportions of the body to prevent short legs from appearing. However, the design function of waist control is only one, which is to divide the waist line. In this case, there is no need to choose a complicated matching method, as long as the T-shirt is designed into a spliced ​​style. alright.

The upper body is black and has a slimming effect. The waistline is spliced ​​with white and brown, making the temperament appear more It’s fresh and makes your legs look longer at the same time. It’s like wearing a short skirt, but it will be more comfortable.

▽Slimming outfit

Collocation It is also important to choose slimming clothing when wearing clothes. Generally, when wearing a super baggy T-shirt, it is not recommended to wear it with too flamboyant wide-leg pants. The design of a fat upper body and a fat lower body is destined to not make the outfit very slim. of.

It would be better if you choose tight pants when matching. People with thin legs are also good to wear cigarette pants. The refreshing and high-end effect makes ordinary T-shirts look much more sophisticated.

▽Casual matching

As a casual style T-shirts, of course, the matching method can be simpler, and there is no need to have a very complicated style. Sports shoes and canvas shoes are recommended for everyone. It is best to have inner heightening ones to show off the legs. He is tall and his temperament looks quite generous.

Everyone wear youthful earrings and hairstyles when matching, which will help magnify the beauty in clothing Not small either.

Beauty has a great relationshipwith the proportions of the body. Everyone wears long T-shirts Don’t be too casual when wearing clothes. Of course, comfortable clothes can also produce a beautiful and exquisite effect.

▽T-shirt worn as a skirt

Short skirts are obviously similar to long T-shirts, but they don’t make your legs look shorter in any way. It’s because the leg-revealing outfit is very charming and delicate, and the position of the knees is obvious, making it less likely to make the legs appear short.

Long T-shirts are also short skirts with no profit design. With refreshing accessories, the temperament can be even sweeter Be fashionable. When paired with height-increasing sneakers and high heels, you can also make your legs appear longer.

▽Free and easy way of dressing

It is also a relatively simple T-shirt, which directly sacrifices the belly-hiding effect of the T-shirt. Wearing the top tucked inside the pants can also show the length of the legs. The upper body clothing will be longer than Wearing a short T-shirt looks more lazy, and the effect the clothing can release is also more lazy and advanced than ordinary T-shirts.

If you choose tight pants when matching, the effect that the clothing can show will be more layered.

▽Black T-shirt

White T-shirts are indeed not as slim as black T-shirts, but white T-shirts are more refreshing and look more fashionable than black ones. At this time, by pairing it with sporty tight trousers, or white trousers, you can prevent the monotonous feeling while maximizing the black T-shirt >The slimming effect.

The long black T-shirt is too ordinary. It will look better if you choose more fashionable clothes when matching. For example, when matching, I chose a sporty colorful waist bag, etc..

Long T-shirts have advantages and disadvantages, but if you want to be comfortable and relaxed, it is really good to choose this ordinary design T-shirt.

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