Buy Fabric Fabric News Throw away your sweater. Thin sweatshirts are popular this year (fashionable and tall, even 150 people love it)

Throw away your sweater. Thin sweatshirts are popular this year (fashionable and tall, even 150 people love it)

I believe every girl has had such a little worry, “What should I wear when going out today~” If you want to wear something unique, but Without sacrificing comfort, then…

I believe every girl has had such a little worry, “What should I wear when going out today~” If you want to wear something unique, but Without sacrificing comfort, then the versatile sweatshirt in the wardrobe is the best choice for girls! How to make your sweatshirt look fashionable! Avoid misunderstandings, master some tips, and become the center of attention when walking on the street~

4 tips for wearing sweatshirts in spring

Tips 1. The fabric should not be too wide

The style of sweatshirts is more casual and loose. Some girls think that sweatshirts must be worn in a larger size to look fashionable and good-looking. In fact, this varies from person to person.Sweatshirts If it is too wide, it will cut your figure into 50%, making the overall look draggy and lackluster. Even if you are a paper person, you will still gain a few pounds.

In fact, the choice of sweater pattern should not be too tight or too wide,allowing the body to have room to stretch freely. , but not so wide that there are no curves, the loose version is best.

Tip 2. The color should not be too bright

The three basic colors of black, white and gray must be worn by someone when going out for shopping. There are really not many tricks to play with, so it is better to use bright colors as an alternative. For example, this kind of yellow, red, and pink are more youthful and energetic in color matching, and they are perfect for dressing up. As long as you don’t choose eye-catching fluorescent colors, girls with yellow and black skin can wear them with confidence.

Tip 3. Use layering to be fashionable and stylish

Many sisters will be curious as to why others look fashionable and stylish when wearing sweatshirts, but when they wear them on themselves, they feel like they are going to a sports meeting. This is because you don’t know how to layer them.

As long as a seemingly ordinary sweatshirt is layered with a T-shirt underneath and exposed at the collar and hem, even an ordinary sweatshirt becomes fashionable.

Tips 4.The neckline details are very important

The neckline of the sweatshirt is actually It is a detail that is easy to overlook when matching, but if you pay attention to this detail, it will make your sweater style more outstanding. The neckline of a sweatshirt is usually relatively loose, and a large area of ​​the neck exposed will inevitably look a bit monotonous. If you add a white inner layer to the sweatshirt, the exposed white collar part can have a great brightening effect and instantly make you The whole sweater outfit is visually bright.

How to match spring sweatshirts to be fashionable

Pairing 1, sweatshirt + overalls

Look here for spring trousers! I heard that the previously popular overalls and sweatshirt combination is popular again! Speaking of sweatshirts and overalls, they are both “old cp” in the fashion industry. Friends who know how to wear them must like these two items very much.

The fabrics of overalls are mainlycanvas, canvas, and other thick materials. Because the initial audience for this type of trousers was factory workers to adapt to their high-intensity work, such materials would be more wear-resistant and durable.

But now after improvements, somerelatively soft fabrics will be added to the overalls, making them more gentle overall. Sensemakes the industrial-feeling temperament softer and more neutral.

Pairing 2, sweatshirt + straight skirt

The length of a straight skirt is not appropriate if it is too short or too long. Appear short. For mid-length and long styles, the most suitable length is about 10 centimeters above the ankle. If it covers the ankle, it will look shorter. If the length is too high, it will also lower the height, and the length to the calf will be awkward.

In spring, choose straight skirts, which are looser straight skirts. If you are on the fat side, straight skirts have a very good modification effect. The looseness of the sweatshirt combined with the loose straight skirt, which is wider at the top and wider at the bottom, makes you slimmer and covers your body. For thinner girls, you can choose a slim-fitting sweatshirt paired with an umbrella skirt to look more refined.

Pairing 3, sweatshirt + lace skirt

Many people say that 30 years old It is a hurdle for women, but for delicate women, the age of 30 does not represent the beginning of aging, but the sublimation of temperament! Yes, lace skirts do meet the dressing standards of mature women, but they represent more maturity and sexiness. If you want to have the light and mature atmosphere of lace while reducing your age, you might as well try the combination of sweatshirt + lace skirt. It is light and mature with a bit of sweetness, and sexy with a bit of vitality. It is also a very good age-reducing outfit!

Sweatshirt Pairing skirts is a very age-reducing way of dressing. We can learn the above 4 tips and apply them in our own dressing. It can bring more surprises and changes to our outfits.

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