Buy Fabric Fabric News Fat women should keep in mind 3 principles and 2 ideas when wearing T-shirts (so as not to look bloated and tasteless)

Fat women should keep in mind 3 principles and 2 ideas when wearing T-shirts (so as not to look bloated and tasteless)

Among clothing items, there are always many particularly popular styles in every season of the year, but no matter what is popular in the season Many women may only pursue this kin…

Among clothing items, there are always many particularly popular styles in every season of the year, but no matter what is popular in the season Many women may only pursue this kind of item for a while, but will eventually return to basic items – such as summer T-shirts.

Although T-shirts are very versatile and suitable for most women, there are many versions and styles. They are all very easy to be fooled. If the body proportions are relatively balanced, of course, any type can be controlled.

Butfat women must keep in mind the “3 principles and 2 ideas” when wearing T-shirts ”Otherwise, it will make the whole person look fatter and bloated, unable to show any taste, and make people feel cheap.

3 principles for fat women to wear T-shirts

Principle 1: The color saturation of the T-shirt should not be too high

Most T-shirts are relatively simple basic styles, so many people will make up for it in color. In fact, the simple style is also an advantage of this type of item. There is no need to emphasize the color too much, when the saturation of the color is too high, it will cause the whole person to look dark and shiny. Because the color selection is not good, it will directly affect the skin color and personal complexion.

Especially in the summer, there are T-shirts of various colors. If the saturation chosen is too high, It will really cause the whole look to overturn. If you are a fat woman, choose some lighter and highly saturated colors, which will have a strong fat-appearing effect. Not only will it make you look fatter, but it will also lower your personal taste and make it look relatively vulgar.

You can choose bright colors to match this season, but for fat women, they should maintain low saturation, at least don’t let people think that wearing a T-shirt of this color not only fails to show a sense of luxury, but also makes it more bloated and has no texture.

Principle 2: The length cannot be too short

Short tops are very popular this year, but for fat women, you need to pay great attention when choosing short tops, because fat women The fat areas are different. The upper body may be fatter. If you wear popular styles, short T-shirts will only expose your upper body.

The main purpose of studying matching skills when wearing clothes is to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses. Wearing short clothes will completely expose yourself. shortcomings, then it doesn’t make much sense.

Especially for many women, there are problems such as fat on the waist. The clothes they wear are too short, which directly affects their health. If the flesh is exposed to the air, it will look particularly bloated and embarrassing.

So when matching in daily life, slightly fat women can choose the appropriate length.If you like short For this style, you can choose to match it with trousers or skirts, which are in just the right position to connect. This not only optimizes the proportions of the body, but also avoids embarrassingly lowering the clothes.

Principle 3: Don’t make the design too fancy and cumbersome

Classic items with simple basic styles are constantly evolving. Just like shirts have come in many forms and can be matched with different patterns, the same is true for T-shirts. There are niche brands with designs, or ones that are more fancy.

In daily life, the reason why basic style T-shirts are popular is that they are versatile and can be worn no matter how they are worn. There is nothing wrong with it, butonce the design is too fancy, the overall match will be easily inconsistent.

In the current era of popular minimalism, it is most appropriate to focus on classic styles, which are not afraid of being stepped on or overturned. For some more complex design styles, it may be difficult for ordinary people to control them, especially for fatter women. This will cause the fancy design to be continuously enlarged, as if it is being stretched open, and you will be the only one embarrassed.

Fancy may be caused by pattern printing, or it may be caused by problems with the pattern and design of the clothes. For daily T-shirts, simple prints and simple patterns are enough. The combination will be good for your figure. The proportions are friendly and not easy to make mistakes, which can save more time and give you the elegance of classic styles.

Slightly fat 2 ideas for women wearing T-shirts

Ideas 1. Color matching: non-messy and elegant

Choose basic style T-shirts to transform and superimpose colors to give people a non-cluttered and elegant look , is the real way to match the basic style with your own color.

Especially for more mature people When women choose clothes, they prefer basic styles, but they care more about color embellishments. So it is better to choose the currently popular low-saturation colors, which are full of romance and passion.

①Green T-shirt + green skirt

For example, this simple green T-shirt, after adding gray tones, completely gets rid of the exaggerated sense of bright green. The lower body is matched with a skirt made of satin fabric. As long as your figure allows, dressing like this is full of neatness, without excessive modification, just the right elegance, reflecting the taste of a delicate woman. There are no exaggerated elements, just simple colors and styles.

②Ginger T-shirt + jeans

If you are a woman with a fat lower body, you can try matching the upper body with a tight-fitting ginger T-shirt, and choose blue wide-leg jeans for the lower body. It has a modifying effect and is more tolerant to the legs, so you don’t have to worry about looking thicker.

Idea 2. High-waist matching method

Slightly fat women can easily look shorter when wearing clothes, so the fleshy body can lengthen the body proportions by wearing a high waist. Choose It is enough to have a sense of progression between the colors and create a sense of layering. The rest is to use the waistline for matching.

For example, this kind of Morandi color T-shirt has a light pink color with the sophistication and elegance of nude pink, and the lower body is added with gray tones. Skirts and skirts are designed with high waists, and the simplest and most basic T-shirts and skirts are used to create a better figure. Or a loose-fitting T-shirt and jeans in earth tones, also with a high-waisted design, which completes the overall look by dividing the proportions of the waist.

Summary: As a basic style, T-shirts are also the most frequently matched in summer, and are popular among fat women. You must be careful during the selection process, otherwise you will look tasteless and fat.

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