Buy Fabric Fabric News This is the popular look in summer (T-shirt + wide-leg pants are fashionable, versatile and slimming)

This is the popular look in summer (T-shirt + wide-leg pants are fashionable, versatile and slimming)

There are many good-looking styles in summer, and there are many different combinations of items that can be matched together, but if you want to ask about the most fashionable and…

There are many good-looking styles in summer, and there are many different combinations of items that can be matched together, but if you want to ask about the most fashionable and versatile , the most frequent combination is the T-shirt and wide-leg pants.

Not only does it satisfy the basic requirements of being versatile, but it also maximizes the level of fashion, and can also make you look slimmer and taller to the end, easily. Diben has created the most popular outfit this summer!

Different people have different understandings of versatility. In daily matching, you cannot choose loose or casual ones. , check the selection process and learn some skills in matching, so that you can combine these two popular items into the most advanced and perfect look. A popular way of wearing this summer is: “T-shirt + wide-leg pants”, which is fashionable, versatile and slimming!

Rules for choosing T-shirts and wide-leg pants

1. How to choose a T-shirt

Although women will buy many kinds of clothes in summer and follow fashion trends, the most frequently paired items are actually T-shirts, which are more practical. During the selection process, you must consider the impact of the matching items. There are a variety of styles, so it is best to choose solid colors, the saturation does not need to be too high, basic colors without printed patterns are also good.

In addition, be sure to consider the style of the T-shirt and match it with wide-leg pants T-shirts don’t need to be too loose.

If you really like the lazy style, you can choose the oversize style and the loose version Paired with wide-leg pants, the overall look is more casual and natural.

If you prefer refinement and elegance, the T-shirt you choose shouldfit your body better, it doesn’t look cowardly when paired together.

2. How to choose wide-leg pants

As wide-leg pants that became popular a few years ago and have been popular until now, it is understandable that they are controversial because some people think that wide-leg pants are not very friendly to the figure and can cause If a person looks short, the problem may be that the wide-leg pants you choose are too loose, which is not very friendly to short people.

When choosing wide-leg pants, do not choose particularly loose styles, which are consistent with your body shape. A certain degree of fit and drape are the best. The overall straight shape can better modify the figure, and it is quite suitable to match.

In addition, the fabric of wide-leg pants has a certain drape and is skin-friendly, so it can be matched. Relatively comfortableIn summer, skin feel is very important. If you want to match it properly, then the texture has been upgraded, and the fabric is an issue that must be considered.

Many people wear wide-leg pants that look cheap overall because the fabric they choose is not durable. Well, not only does the personal experience feel bad, but the visual sense will also bring down the personal clothing.

T-shirt + wide-leg pants matching tips

①Solid color matching

T-shirt and wide-leg pants are the simplest One way is that the two items are both solid colors. One way is to choose lighter colors without any color intervention, such as white or black. What is created is the simple superposition of white or black. A cold style, extremely noble and elegant.

More suitable for daily life, women who don’t have too many pursuits and prefer minimalist style, don’t need to create too many bells and whistles, just need Use simple colors and styles to create your own fashion.

This type of matching method It is relatively simple. You can use the same color system, or you can use contrasting color combinations. For example, black and white is the most classic. Putting two extreme colors together creates an interpretation. The true meaning of fashion, although the colors and styles are very common, they still occupy the top of fashion.

Another The method is to based on the basic color system, with color intervention. You can choose colored T-shirts. Colored T-shirts are better than colored wide-leg pants, because the pants are too flashy. It will cause the lower body to swell. For Asians, there will be more problems in the lower body, so it will be better to choose a colorful T-shirt.

②High waist matching method

No matter what kind of item you choose, the matching method of high waist is very suitable. Most of the trousers worn by women are designed with high waist and combined with T-shirts. By tucking in clothes, you can create a body proportion of 37 or 28 minutes, which can perfectly interpret a woman’s slender waist and perfect body curve.

For this high-waist matching method, the T-shirt you choose must not be too thick or too fat. Otherwise, tucking the clothes into the pants will look a bit useless, very inappropriate, and there is no way to create a high waistline. It will have a sense of immediacy that you have lost both your wife and your army.

T-shirt + wide-leg pants matching practice

LOOK1, white T-shirt + blue wide-leg pants

In summer, matching solid colors, a basic white t-shirt can solve the daily look, paired with blue wide-leg pants for the lower body, which is haze blue and completely It interprets fashion and elegance. In daily life, this combination is completely sufficient. It not only achieves the fashion point, but also does not make people feel exaggerated.

LOOK2, white transparent T-shirt + green wide-leg pants

Summer is a season that requires color. When matching, it is also good to apply some tips, such as choosing t When it comes to shirts, the translucent material is very good, and it is superimposed with the suspenders, which highlights the gentleness and sexiness of women. It has the style of a Korean lady. The matching wide-leg pants are light mint green, and the colors are different. Combined with balance, it makes people feel gentle.

LOOK3, red T-shirt + white wide-leg pants

It is still recommended that women who are not very good at color control in daily life choose colors on the upper body, such as this pink shorts The sleeves have a certain slimming effect, which makes the summer look more lively. It is paired with a pair of white wide-leg pants, which is refreshing and clean. It combines the color with neutral colors. This fresh combination can make This summer is getting brighter.

Summary: As two of the more popular types in summer, T-shirts and wide-leg pants Combined together, it becomes an ace combination, allowing you to spend this summer coolly and elegantly!

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