Buy Fabric Fabric News What is the purpose of making company cultural t-shirts (is it necessary for enterprises to customize cultural t-shirts)

What is the purpose of making company cultural t-shirts (is it necessary for enterprises to customize cultural t-shirts)

What is the purpose of making corporate cultural shirts? Nowadays, customized corporate cultural shirts are no longer a new thing, and it does not necessarily have to be a big comp…

What is the purpose of making corporate cultural shirts? Nowadays, customized corporate cultural shirts are no longer a new thing, and it does not necessarily have to be a big company or big brand to choose customized cultural shirts. Small business groups now like to customize their own cultural shirts. corporate culture shirt. So the purpose of corporate customized cultural shirts…


What is the purpose of making company cultural shirts? Nowadays, corporate customized cultural shirts are no longer a new thing, and it does not necessarily have to be a big one. Only big corporate brands will choose customized cultural shirts. Small business groups now like to customize their own corporate cultural shirts. So what specific impact does the purpose of customizing corporate cultural shirts have on the company?
The purpose of making company cultural shirts:

The company uses customized T-shirts to strengthen the culture within the corporate group and the mental outlook of employees . Everyone knows that some well-known domestic and foreign companies have customized cultural shirts in their cultural fitness activities. Foreign companies like Apple and Google customize cultural shirts for their employees every year, and they are particularly keen on this kind of cultural construction. It is not only conducive to internal cultural fitness, but they also use meaningful cultural shirts or creative cultural shirts as their peripherals. Selling products to fans who like them not only strengthens the construction of internal culture but also strengthens interaction with fans. Through cultural shirts, more fans can understand the company’s culture better and support their products more.

In addition, this is also a good way to improve and strengthen the mental outlook of corporate employees. For technology-based companies, everyone has a very good impression of those science and engineering men. Do they wear simple and dark T-shirts and a pair of slippers? Let’s take a look at the scene below where Apple’s employees uniformly wear company cultural shirts.

Moreover, for companies of the same level and type, if one company’s employees wear corporate culture shirts and one does not wear corporate culture shirts, then as an outsider of the company, when seeing the two companies, which company will they think of? Are you more impressed? If an external company that intends to cooperate sees these two companies, which company do you think it will think is more reliable and professional? I believe the answer is self-evident! A company attaches so much importance to the cultivation and development of internal culture Construction, it is conceivable that they will not be bad in the professional field, so this is the feeling and change brought about by visual beauty.

These are the purpose and function of making company cultural shirts!
Is it necessary to make company cultural shirts?

It may be the case that many companies have also customized corporate cultural shirts, with the purpose of allowing every employee to wear them. However, the reality is that employees Not only did I not like wearing the specially customized short-sleeved T-shirts, but I also complained! The boss really paid for the pain. This situation often happens when companies order T-shirts. In fact, it’s not that employees don’t like to wear cultural shirts, but that they don’t like to wear ugly cultural shirts. Just like everyone doesn’t like advertisements, but they don’t like uncreative advertisements. How can employees not like to wear a high-quality and stylish corporate culture shirt? In addition, people nowadays pay more attention to dressing up, and everyone likes to wear it well. clothes, so naturally I reject those kind of low-grade cultural shirts. Too cheap and low-quality cultural shirts will make people think that the company you work for must not be very good! You can tell by looking at your company’s cultural shirts, so in fact Cultural shirts are also the company’s image representative. However, due to limited funds, many companies do not want to spend too much cost to customize cultural shirts. In fact, at this time, companies should not choose the manufacturer with the cheapest price, but the manufacturer with the highest price/performance ratio.

It is a high-quality and cost-effective customization platform. Professional self-owned offline manufacturers provide the most professional customization services for every customizer. Higher than the industry’s customization level, truly affordable and affordable. At the same time, a variety of T-shirts and bottoms are both high-quality and fashionable, and with unique designs exclusive to your company, you can wear them casually with a sense of fashion.

Nowadays, the styles of cultural shirts are becoming more and more diverse and rich. As the demand for custom-made cultural shirts is increasing, the requirements for the styles and colors of cultural shirts are also higher. In the past, everyone’s customized cultural shirts were T-shirts, but now not only T-shirts can be used as cultural shirts, but also POLO shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball uniforms and other clothing styles can be used as cultural shirts.

Their common features are casual commuting, which is suitable for most occasions. It is also convenient to print various pattern logos, and the customization cost is also relatively economical.
Summer T-shirt styles

If we distinguish the styles of T-shirts from the material of the T-shirts, they can be divided into two categories: pure cotton and non-pure cotton. Pure cotton T-shirts are the most popular among the public. They are comfortable, breathable and high-end. The higher the cotton content, the higher the custom-made price. Non-cotton T-shirts, such as some T-shirts with special functions, are also popular with many people. The superior properties of their fabric materials have characteristics that pure cotton T-shirts cannot match. To distinguish cultural shirts from the style, the common styles of short-sleeved cultural shirts are as follows:� Category. Pure cotton round-neck T-shirts Pure cotton round-neck T-shirts are the most practical, the most versatile, and have the greatest demand, so generally speaking, pure cotton round-neck T-shirts have the most styles.

For example, the pure cotton round-neck shirts being customized include: classic ring-spun cotton, high-quality Tianzhu cotton selection, Odell flagship style, high-count cotton selection and other fabric textures. choose.

Among them, the classic ring-spun cotton model is economical, affordable and cost-effective. Customization groups with limited customization budgets can choose this T-shirt base. High-quality Tianzhu cotton is comfortable and skin-friendly, the price is moderate, and the shape is beautiful and generous. The high-end cotton selection is high-end and classy. Not only is the fabric soft, comfortable and weighty, but the shape is tall and straight, and the high-end quality is visible and tangible. Pure cotton V-neck T-shirts Pure cotton V-neck T-shirts are obviously applicable in limited scenarios. Round-neck T-shirts will appear more comfortable and elegant, but some customizers need to customize V-neck T-shirts. POLO shirts

POLO shirts are the most popular style of cultural shirts besides pure cotton round-neck T-shirts, compared to round-neck cultural shirts. POLO shirts are more business appropriate. In some important occasions, POLO shirts are more suitable than T-shirts in some industries. Sometimes, in order to distinguish employee cultural shirts from those worn by leaders, POLO shirts are also chosen.

Customized POLO shirts include: American-style selection and business flagship style. The American-style selection is made of organic combed pure cotton mesh fabric, which has outstanding moisture absorption and breathability in outdoor sports. The business flagship model uses polyester-cotton double-beaded ground fabric, which is very suitable for business elites who pursue suitable styles and quality. Sports quick-drying clothes

Sports quick-drying T-shirts are a special style of cultural shirts. Quick-drying T-shirts are often used in team games or sports competitions or some sports activities, so Some specific groups need to choose this style of cultural shirts when customizing cultural shirts.

Sports quick-drying T-shirts are made of imported polyester fiber and are an essential choice for outdoor cultural shirts.

Autumn and winter cultural shirt styles

The custom-made demand for cultural shirts is not limited to summer, so the styles of cultural shirts are not limited to short-sleeved cultural shirts. , so what are the styles of cultural shirts that can be customized in autumn and winter? Pure cotton long-sleeved T-shirt

Just like the round-neck cotton T-shirt in summer, the pure cotton long-sleeved T-shirt is the first choice for customized cultural shirts in autumn. The geranium cotton long-sleeved T-shirt has a soft touch and a full cotton feel.

Thin sweatshirts

In addition to long-sleeved T-shirts, thin sweatshirts have also become a popular choice for autumn cultural shirt styles, and thin sweatshirts can be divided into hoodless pullovers models and hooded models.

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