Buy Fabric Fabric News Women should keep these three things in mind when wearing T-shirts in summer (fashionable and age-reducing)

Women should keep these three things in mind when wearing T-shirts in summer (fashionable and age-reducing)

In summer, most people pursue comfortable and cool clothing. Therefore, if the clothing is too slim or the fabric is too thick, it will not bring a good experience. It will be stuf…

In summer, most people pursue comfortable and cool clothing. Therefore, if the clothing is too slim or the fabric is too thick, it will not bring a good experience. It will be stuffy and restrictive, so loose T-shirts become This season’s popular style makes it look fashionable no matter how you match it.


Although T-shirts are easy to wear, it does not guarantee that you will not make mistakes if you wear them casually. For girls, wearing T-shirts in summer must follow these “three “Wear three and don’t wear anything” principle, so that you can more easily create a fashionable style and show your charm and temperament.

1. Keep in mind the “three don’ts” principle of T-shirts

1. Do not wear T-shirts made of cheap materials

Although it is breathable and cool It is the first choice for dressing, but it does not mean that the lighter and thinner the fabric is, the more suitable it is. Fabrics that are too thin and cheap will have two disadvantages.

Easy to deform and not washable: Due to the sparseness and thinness of the fabric, it may have deformed after just a few wears. It has no sense of beauty when worn on the body, and may even destroy the proportions of the body.

Too much transparency is embarrassing: If you choose a material that is too thin, the support will be very weak. Not only will it look awkward to wear, but it will also have a certain sense of perspective. For girls, it will look too tacky and very embarrassing.

2. The style should not be too complicated

Although T-shirts with too complicated designs and too fancy styles will look more fashionable than basic ones, they are also easy to It causes aesthetic fatigue, and it is not that easy to match, so it is difficult to wear something aesthetically pleasing.

The styles are exaggerated and inconsistent with their temperament: For most young girls, they will pursue a lively and age-reducing temperament in their dressing style. However, if they want to rely on various peculiar patterns and To achieve this small pot by using different styles will obviously be counterproductive. Not only will it not reduce your age, but it will make you feel more aged.

Too many elements disrupt the focus: Any outfit style must have a clear focus, and if too many elements are piled on the style, it will appear very cluttered, making it difficult to stand out. focus, thus losing the beauty it should have.

3. The pattern should not be too loose/too tight

When choosing the pattern of a T-shirt, in order to achieve a good fit and show off your figure, you should choose it according to the characteristics of your figure. Choose the right version. If the tightness is inappropriate, it will easily expose the shortcomings of the figure and will not have any modification effect.

Tight-fitting style, exposing shortcomings: If you choose a slim-fitting T-shirt, this style has very high requirements on the figure. If there is a little fat on the waist, it will be easily exposed. , and even magnify the shortcomings of the figure, making it appear fat.

Too loose, aggravating swelling: For girls with slightly fat figures, they always choose T-shirts that are too loose, thinking that this can better cover up the shortcomings of the figure. In fact, the fit The looser it is, the easier it is to exaggerate the swelling of the body, increase the horizontal proportion, and make the body appear fatter.

2. You can wear these “three kinds” of T-shirts frequently

1. Pure cotton T-shirts, comfortable and breathable

If you want to pursue them in summer For a comfortable and breathable wearing experience, it is recommended to choose a pure cotton T-shirt. The pure cotton material not only has good texture, it is not easy to deform after being worn for a long time, and the thickness is moderate. You don’t have to worry about the stuffiness when wearing it in summer, but when choosing, Be careful and try to choose 100% cotton styles for a more fashionable look.

2. Solid color T-shirts, simplifying complexity

Color is the best way to show your personal temperament and charm. When choosing colors, it is recommended to use light and low saturation colors. Mainly color series, these colors are more eye-catching and eye-catching, and do not have high requirements on skin color. Girls with yellowish or dark skin can easily control it, or you can also choose classic basic colors, such as black, white and gray. Practical and versatile.

3. “Prescribe the right medicine to the case” according to the body shape

Since everyone’s body characteristics are different, in order to be more comfortable and relaxed to wear, the shape of the T-shirt should not be too extreme. It only needs to fit well, it can easily cover the flesh and make you look slimmer, and also show off your figure. If you want to better modify your body proportions, you can wear it through dressing methods such as “clothing corner”, “short on the top and long on the bottom”, which is suitable for little ones. It is very practical.

T-shirts are an indispensable item in summer. Although they are practical and versatile, they cannot be worn randomly. Only by remembering the principle of “three wears and three no-wears” can you control them better. T-shirts, through various dressing techniques and methods, can be matched with fashionable and good-looking styles to fully show personal temperament and charm.

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