Buy Fabric Fabric News It is recommended to wear T-shirts and cigarette pants in summer (not only comfortable and refreshing, but also fashionable)

It is recommended to wear T-shirts and cigarette pants in summer (not only comfortable and refreshing, but also fashionable)

The pursuit of beauty is a right that everyone has. For women, dressing and matching is one of the ways to pursue beauty. In daily life, they always spend most of their thoughts on…

The pursuit of beauty is a right that everyone has. For women, dressing and matching is one of the ways to pursue beauty. In daily life, they always spend most of their thoughts on dressing, in order to be able to Create a trendy look.

In summer, the styles of clothes are very rich. Although there are many choices, many girls are still entangled, not knowing how to choose and match them to look good. If girls are still struggling with what to wear, it is recommended to choose the combination of “T-shirt + cigarette pants”. This is also a very popular outfit, fashionable and age-reducing.

1. Selection of T-shirt styles


1. Fabric

In hot summer, most people will pursue refreshing and comfortable fabrics When it comes to outfits, the fabric of T-shirts is very particular. Try to choose pure cotton fabrics, which are sweat-absorbent, breathable and comfortable, and are very suitable for summer wear.

The texture of the fabric also greatly affects the high-end sense of the style, so try not to choose fabrics that are easy to pill, wrinkle, or look cheap, such as cotton, linen, lace, etc. These fabrics are not Easy to take care of, but also somewhat difficult to control.

2. Style

When dressing, you should pay attention to your strengths and avoid weaknesses. When choosing a T-shirt, you should also choose according to the characteristics of your body. After all, everyone’s body is different. You may be tall or short, fat or thin. Only by choosing the right style can you better modify your figure.

Slim-fitting and short T-shirts are obviously more suitable for girls who are small and have a slim upper body. They can better show the advantages of the figure and also help optimize body proportions; the straight version is the most conservative. The choice is very tolerant to the body shape and can easily cover the flesh and make you look slimmer; oversize T-shirts are more popular, the wide version is very comfortable and casual, and can create a casual and chic style.

3. Color

If you want to wear beautiful clothes in summer, color matching is naturally indispensable. This is also the most error-prone link. If you don’t choose the right color, Wearing black will make you look rustic. If you choose the right color, you will look white and elegant.

The choice of color needs to be judged according to skin color. Cool white skin is suitable for bright colors, and yellow and black skin can choose light colors. The combination of different colors can also create different effects.

2. Choose the right cigarette pants

1. Waist

When choosing cigarette pants, few people pay attention to the details of the waist. For girls with wide hips, if the waist pattern fits the figure better, it will easily expose the shortcomings of the hip width and make the lower body look bloated and fat, so a looser pattern will fit better.

High-waisted cigarette pants are more conducive to modifying the body proportions, especially for girls with short legs and small stature. The high-waisted style is more friendly and can easily create a taller look. Leg lengthening effect.

2. Length

In hot summer, if the length of pants is too long, it will cause a feeling of stuffiness and greatly reduce the comfort of wearing, so you can Shorten the length of the pants appropriately, and the standard of nine-point pants is the most suitable.

The length of the nine-point cigarette pants is neither long nor short, just exposing the slender ankles. It is refreshing, comfortable and very neat. Paired with a pair of shoes that can expose the instep, it can better extend the legs. The lines play a better role in showing the length of the legs.

3. T-shirt + cigarette pants matching skills

1. Three-color principle

In order to enhance the beauty of the shape, the color matching is It is a necessary way to dress, but this does not mean that the more colors, the better. Too many colors mixed together can easily look gaudy and messy, thus losing focus and easily causing aesthetic fatigue.

It is best to follow the “three-color principle”, that is, there should be no more than 3 colors on the whole body. This can ensure the coordination of the look and feel and the balance of beauty, such as a white T-shirt with jeans. Cigarette pants, blue and white are a very classic combination, and a black belt is added as an embellishment, which is simple and clean.

2. Bright color embellishments

There are many methods and techniques for color matching. Women who like to use basic color matching prefer minimalist style. Although this The outfit style is simple and attractive, but it is easy to lack highlights. You might as well use a small area of ​​bright colors to embellish it to enhance the overall beauty and sophistication.

For example, colorful silk scarves and metal-decorated bags, belts and jewelry can all be the icing on the cake. They can not only enrich the visual beauty, but also enhance the fashion sense of the style and personal taste. .

3. Stacking single items

Stacking is an advanced way of dressing. Using two or more items stacked together can increase the The layered effect makes the style no longer look boring. Even if there are no outstanding highlights in color, the beauty can be enhanced by matching the style.

A halterneck sweater + a short-sleeved shirt is a very common way of layering. It can be cool and comfortable to wear in summer. People who know how to wear it will pay attention to the echo of colors, such as belts and shoes. The color of the bag can echo the inner wear of the top, thereby enhancing the integration and highlighting the individual’s matching ability.

There are so many possibilities for dressing up in summer. As long as you dare to use your imagination and try more, even if it doesn’t look like you usuallyEye-catching single items can also be used to create various high-end and fashionable styles and shapes.

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