Buy Fabric Fabric News T-shirt + wide-leg pants are too ordinary (wearing a shirt + skirt is elegant and feminine)

T-shirt + wide-leg pants are too ordinary (wearing a shirt + skirt is elegant and feminine)

Every time summer comes, many girls start to worry. They don’t know what clothes to wear. They look around in front of the wardrobe, and finally choose a T-shirt + wide-leg pants. …

Every time summer comes, many girls start to worry. They don’t know what clothes to wear. They look around in front of the wardrobe, and finally choose a T-shirt + wide-leg pants. This combination is perfect in summer. It is too common and too common. For girls, although it is convenient and easy to wear, it is difficult to highlight their temperament and charm.


Don’t always wear the same clothes, as this will easily fall into the same stereotype. Try different combinations, and you may get unexpected surprises, such as “shirt + skirt” “This combination is very elegant and feminine. The neat shirt shows the sophistication and maturity of women, and the skirt reflects the elegance and gentleness of women. The combination of the two can achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

1. Selection of shirts

1. Collar

Regular shirt is one of the most common styles, stand collar + V-shaped neckline , can make the line of the neck straighter and slender, and can also create a serious and formal atmosphere. However, this style is only suitable for use in the workplace or formal occasions. If worn in daily life, it will appear too restrained and difficult to Reflects a sense of spontaneity.

If you change the collar to a softer doll collar or fungus collar, the style will become much softer in an instant, less of the serious atmosphere and more of a soft style, giving People feel very friendly.

2. Fabric

Different fabrics will also affect the shape and style of shirts. Regular shirts are usually made of cotton, so the shapes will be different. It is square and upright, and has a better effect on the body shape, and is very tolerant.

If you switch to silk or chiffon fabrics, the shirt will look more feminine, the shape will be softer, the drape will be stronger, and it will be more in line with female temperament.

3. Colors

If you like a simple and clean style, solid color shirts are more suitable to choose, especially regular basic colors, black, white, beige, blue Colors, classic, versatile and attractive.

If you like to follow fashion trends and create different styles for girls, then shirts with popular elements and colors are more worth choosing, such as plaid shirts, which are retro and girly, and shirts with floral elements are elegant. And gentle.

2. Tips for wearing shirts + skirts

1. Wearing the same color

In addition to the combination of different styles, the matching of clothing In addition, color matching is the most particular, and it contains many skills and key points. If you want to create a simple, unified and error-free look, you can choose the “same color” matching method, and try to choose colors with low saturation. The light color is more gentle and gentle, showing whiteness and temperament.

However, it is easy to lack highlights when wearing the same color, so you can use the “simplified and traditional matching” method. The shirt can be decorated with floral elements, and the skirt is mainly solid color, which can ensure the beauty. The balance is perfect and it looks simple and fashionable.

2. Contrast color matching

For girls who are more individual and thoughtful, “contrast color matching” is a very challenging way of dressing. Through two different The collision of colors can produce a strong visual impact and highlight high-end and fashion.

Usually when using contrasting colors, in order to avoid mistakes and aesthetic fatigue, you will basically choose a white + bright color combination. Whether the bright color is placed on the upper body or the lower body depends on the characteristics of the body. After all, the bright color It is the most eye-catching, so it can amplify the advantages of the body shape.

3. Shirt + skirt matching demonstration

Look1: Shirt + denim skirt

Sisters who like retro Hong Kong style, don’t miss it This combination, shirt + denim skirt, exudes a strong retro atmosphere, and is also accompanied by femininity, which is very unique.

You can choose a straight version of the denim skirt, which can better enhance the vertical feeling of the lower body and make the legs appear straight and slender. Choose a color with high saturation for the shirt to give you a retro feel. After it comes out, add it with a hair tie, bag, etc. to make the style more intense.

Look2: Shirt + Floral Skirt

Floral is a very mainstream fashion element in summer, and it is an excellent match with skirts. The romance of florals and the style of skirts The elegant combination can better highlight the temperament and charm of women. The color of the floral skirt should be light-colored as much as possible, making it more fresh and elegant.

Pair a solid-color shirt with a floral skirt, following the principle of “combination of simple and traditional”. At the same time, be careful not to use more than 3 colors on the whole body, which can effectively avoid the style being too fancy and messy, thereby losing the original look. of beauty.

Look3: shirt + slit skirt

In addition to the fashionable styles, skirts can also be designed with a sense of style, such as slit skirts and shirts with slits. The cross skirt not only retains the elegance and temperament of mature women, but also adds a sense of charm, and it also adds another visual attraction.

The side slit design will have a better modification effect on the legs. It can not only extend the lines of the legs, but also make the legs look more slender and slender. If paired with a pair of high heels, the effect will be even better. more significant.

In summer, if you are tired of wearing T-shirts + wide-leg pants, you might as well try the combination of shirts + skirts to make you…Show your femininity.

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